Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Where To Find Every Wisp In Jubilife Village

Like many RPGs, Pokemon Legends Arceus features a collection quest that you'll take on pretty early and will have to complete gradually as you progress through the game. This time, you'll be collecting Wisps, small glowing orbs of purple. The best time to search for them is at night, as they'll glow brighter and you can see them from afar.

There are 107 Wisps in the game and seven of them are found in Jubilife Village. The first is picked up automatically when you begin the request, but you'll have to find the other six all on your lonesome. Luckily, you don't need any particular Ride Pokemon or upgrades, so you can knock this area off your checklist ASAP.

All Wisps In Jubilife Village

Apart from the first Wisp that you are directed to, it's pretty easy to find all six extra Wisps. Remember, you'll have an easier time spotting them at night!

This Wisp can be found behind the workshop where you can buy crafting materials.

This Wisp is found in one of the alcoves behind the Galaxy Hall. Make sure you're checking the alcove on the east!

There are four buildings clustered together on the western side of Jubilife, this Wisp can be found in the center.

Head behind the farm on the west to find this Wisp.

Keeping up the trend of Wisps being found behind buildings, you'll also find one behind the Training Grounds.

While not in Jubilife Village exactly, you'll find a Wisp on Prelude Beach to the south near the tree.

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