Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All Delibird Presents Store Locations

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Journeying through the Paldea region in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is difficult without obtaining several essential battle items to pair with your partner pokémon. You can buy some of these items at Delibird Presents stores in three distinct locations.

Each Delibird Presents will contain four categories of items you can purchase: Battle Items, General Items, Poké Balls, and Rotom Phone Cases. Of those categories, the items available for sale in the Battle Items and Rotom Phone Cases categories will change based on which location you visit, so make sure to visit them all!

Delibird Presents General Merchandise

Each Delibird Presents contains the same core items for General Items and Poké Balls. No matter which Delibird Presents you visit, these items will always be available to you:

General Inventory And Prices

General Items
Bottle Cap 20,000
Fire Stone 3,000
Thunder Stone 3,000
Leaf Stone 3,000
Water Stone 3,000
Sweet Apple 2,200
Tart Apple 2,200
Red Nectar 300
Yellow Nectar 300
Pink Nectar 300
Purple Nectar 300
Smoke Ball 15,000
Soothe Bell 5,000
Everstone 3,000
Power Weight 10,000
Power Bracer 10,000
Power Belt 10,000
Power Lens 10,000
Power Band 10,000
Power Anklet 10,000
Poké Balls
Poké Ball 200
Great Ball 600
Ultra Ball 800
Heal Ball 300
Net Ball 1,000
Repeat Ball 1,000
Nest Ball 1,000
Luxury Ball 3,000
Dive Ball 1,000
Quick Ball 1,000
Dusk Ball 1,000
Timer Ball 1,000

Mesagoza Delibird Presents Location And Special Stock

There are three storefronts in Mesagoza, but each storefront contains the same merchandise. All three are available to you as soon as you enter Mesagoza.

  • The first Delibird Presents is in the southeast corner (pictured above) to the right of the grand staircase before climbing toward the central plaza.
  • Near the west exit of Mesagoza is the second Delibird Presents, located on the northern street corner (pictured below).
  • The third location is also on the west side and on the same street but on the southern street corner.

The unique items available at both storefronts include:

Store Inventory And Prices

Battle Items
Miracle Seeds 3,000
Charcoal 3,000
Mystic Water 3,000
Silk Scarf 3,000
Sharp Beak 3,000
Silver Powder 3,000
Muscle Band 8,000
Wise Glasses 8,000
Punching Glove 15,000
Expert Belt 30,000
Focus Band 10,000
Focus Sash 50,000
Choice Band 100,000
Choice Specs 100,000
Choice Scarf 100,000
Life Orb 50,000
Ability Shield 20,000
Clear Amulet 30,000
Rocky Helmet 50,000
Eviolite 50,000
Assault Vest 50,000
Quick Claw 8,000
Razor Claw 15,000
King's Rock 10,000
Weakness Policy 50,000
Blunder Policy 30,000
Throat Spray 20,000
Destiny Knot 20,000
Rotom Phone Cases
Sprigatito Case 3,000
Fuecoco Case 3,000
Quaxly Case 3,000
Yellow Case 1,000
Green Case 1,000
Purple Case 1,000
Pink Case 1,000
Blue Case 1,000
Turquoise Case 1,000
Olive Case 1,000
Rose Case 1,000
Brown Case 1,000
Lavender Case 1,000

Cascarrafa Delibird Presents Location And Special Stock

There are two Delibird Presents locations in Cascarrafa. Just as before, both locations sell the same items.

The first store you'll likely be able to access is the waterfront store located on the far east side of town on the main level (no elevators required). Simply running into Cascarrafa from the Pokémon Center, straight through the central plaza, and turning left at the dead end will lead one directly to this easy-to-locate store.

The second location is on the north side of town and down one level via the elevators. Generally, it is recommended to fly to Cascarrafa North's Pokémon Center, head south, and turn right to cross the bridge. Your destination should be to your left on the corner.

Store Inventory And Prices

Battle Items
Magnet 3,000
Hard Stone 3,000
Poison Barb 3,000
Spell Tag 3,000
Dragon Fang 3,000
Normal gem 15,000
Leftovers 20,000
Big Root 10,000
Bright Powder 30,000
Light Clay 20,000
Utility Umbrella 15,000
Terrain Extender 15,000
Air Balloon 15,000
Shed Shell 20,000
White Herb 20,000
Mental Herb 10,000
Power Herb 30,000
Mirror Herb 30,000
Absorb Bulb 5,000
Cell Battery 5,000
Luminous Moss 5,000
Snowball 5,000
Heat Rock 8,000
Damp Rock 8,000
Smooth Rock 8,000
Icy Rock 8,000
Electric Seed 20,000
Psychic Seed 20,000
Misty Seed 20,000
Grassy Seed 20,000
Rotom Phone Cases
Grass Case 2,500
Water Case 2,500
Fire Case 2,500
Electric Case 2,500
Normal Case 2,500
Flying Case 2,500
Bug Case 2,500
Fighting Case 2,500
Psychic Case 2,500
Ghost Case 2,500
Ground Case 2,500
Rock Case 2,500
Ice Case 2,500
Dark Case 2,500
Fairy Case 2,500
Poison Case 2,500
Steel Case 2,500
Dragon Case 2,500
Komala Log Case 5,000
Flabébé Flower Case 5,000
Magnemite Magnet Case 5,000
Gothita Ribbon Case 5,000

Levincia Delibird Presents Location And Special Stock

Levincia's Delibird Presents is a quick walk down the street from the northern Pokémon Center towards the east, on the right side of the street. It is also conveniently located next to the Artisan Café, making it convenient to return to regularly for a variety of needs.

Store Inventory And Prices

Battle Items
Soft Sand 3,000
Black Glasses 3,000
Black Belt 3,000
Never-Melt Ice 3,000
Twisted Spoon 3,000
Metal Coat 3,000
Loaded Dice 20,000
Shell Bell 20,000
Metronome 15,000
Scope Lens 15,000
Wide Lens 20,000
Zoom Lens 10,000
Safety Goggles 20,000
Protective Pads 15,000
Heavy-Duty Boots 20,000
Covert Cloak 20,000
Red Card 30,000
Eject Button 30,000
Eject Pack 30,000
Adrenaline Orb 5,000
Room Service 20,000
Iron Ball 20,000
Toxic Orb 15,000
Flame Orb 15,000
Lagging Tail 20,000
Black Sludge 10,000
Sticky Barb 10,000
Ring Target 10,000
Binding Band 20,000
Rotom Phone Cases
Pikachu Case 6,000
Eevee Case 6,000
Cream Case 1,000
Dark Green Case 1,000
Wine Red Case 1,000
Orange Case 1,000
Sky Blue Case 1,000
Navy Blue Case 1,000
Cocoa Brown Case 1,000
Dark Brown Case 1,000
White Case 1,000
Black Case 1,000
Swablu Sky Case 5,000
Combee Honey Case 5,000
Applin Apple Case 5,000

Regardless of your preferred playstyle in Scarlet & Violet, Delibirds Presents is an invaluable asset in every playthrough. Keep in mind these locations while you're playing, and make sure to refer back to this guide or revisit each store on your own just to ensure you're keeping your team in shape.

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