Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Announces New 7-Star And Valentine’s Day Raids

Hot off the heels of a dual Tera Raid event featuring Dragapult and Hydreigon, two of the best Dragon-type Pokemon you could ever hope to meet, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is changing things up with its next mysterious new Tera Raid.

It's a mystery because we don't know what it is. According to Serebii, the Pokemon to star in the next seven-star Tera Raid battle event will offer a Poison Tera Type and will have a mark of The Mightiest. It can also only be caught once per save file, which might provide a bit of a clue. Expect this Tera Raid event to begin on January 27 and end on January 29 at midnight UTC, but it'll come back around for the February 10 to 12 weekend.

For Valentine's Day weekend, Scarlet & Violet players are getting a special treat. The cutest current-gen Pokemon, Tandemaus, will be the star of the seventh Tera Raid battle event. It'll even feature the Fairy Tera Type to complete this lovely little fairytale. Expect Tandemaus to arrive on February 13 and depart at the stroke of midnight on February 15.

Don’t forget, Cinderace makes its return tomorrow as the next seven-star Tera Raid, offering fans a second chance to capture this fiery kicker.

Wanna know how to do a billion damage in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? 'Course you do, but it requires a bit of setup. To start, you'll need a 'Mon that can learn Last Respects, a new Ghost-type move that has a base power of 50 and gets an additional 50 for every time a Pokemon in your party faints. However, this doesn't cap out at five fainted Pokemon as you'd expect. If you can keep reviving your Pokemon and they keep fainting, Last Respects keeps getting more and more powerful. It can be stacked 100 times, so theoretically, it'll have a base power of 5,050.

Then all you have to do is have a level 100 Sudowoodo perform Last respects using its Mimic ability to a level one Happiny while being buffed by Helping Hand. There, that's 1.8 billion damage. You're welcome.

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