Pokemon Scarlet & Violet To Get Home Compatibility In Spring 2023

Since the introduction of Pokemon Home, any new Pokemon release begs the question, “when will it get Home support?” With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet rapidly approaching, that question is back on everyone’s mind. Luckily, the Pokemon Company was ready and waiting with an answer.

A new tweet from the official Pokemon account reveals that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will receive Home support in Spring of 2023. While that may not be the specific date some were hoping for, it does give players a good timeframe on when they can take advantage of the service.

For those unfamiliar with the Pokemon Home service, it is an upgraded version of the Pokemon Bank system where Pokemon can be stored. However, this new feature lets you bring Pokemon from different games, and regions, into each other. This means that after you link Pokemon Scarlet or Violet to the service, you can bring select Pokemon from other games into the Paldea region. However, the Pokemon you can take advantage of this service with are limited to those that can appear in the game.

The last big update for the Home service brought Pokemon from Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and Legends: Acreus into the mix. Currently, you can swap Pokemon from those two titles, as well as the already established Sword and Shield, Let’s Go games, and Pokemon Go.

Alongside the ability to integrate Pokemon, the Home service is gaining another update in early 2023. Scarlet and Violet Battle Stadium statistics will soon be viewable in the service’s mobile app. This means you can look at Trainer rankings, the most used Pokemon in Competitions, and more. Plus, you can check out the most used moves, abilities, and items in battles.

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