Pokemon Sword & Shield: The 10 Best Normal-Type TM’s (& Where To Get Them)

In Pokemon, Normal Type Pokemon are generally seen as weak. They’re not super effective against any type, Rock and Steel Types resist them, and Ghosts are immune to them. The trade-off for this is that Normal Types are only weak to Fighting Types. Normals also get immunity to Ghost Types.

As basic as Normal Types are, there are plenty of powerful Normal Type moves in Sword & Shield. These can be obtained and taught to tons of Pokemon of all Types thanks to TMs. There’s plenty scattered all throughout the Galar region, and these can be used to boost up all of your Pokemon. Unlike older generations, TMs have unlimited uses as well to allow all of your Pokemon to learn them.

10 TM19: Safeguard

Safeguard is a support move that prevents all Pokemon on your team from being inflicted with Status Conditions. This is great for protecting Pokemon against potentially devastating conditions. Having a Pokemon fall asleep or burned can severely hamper your team and lead to a loss. Safeguard is the perfect counter to that.

TM19 is very easy to get as well, as all you need to do is purchase it. It can be found in the Western Motostoke Pokemon Center and purchased for 10,000. After that, you’ll have permanent access to TM19.

9 TM39: Facade

Facade is a rather simple Physical move with a decent base power of 70. However, this power is doubled if the opposing Pokemon is Poisoned, Burned, or Paralyzed. A ton of different Pokemon can learn Facade, so it’s very easy to spread Status Conditions in order to get the maximum value out of Facade. Having 100% accuracy is great too.

TM39 can be found out in the Wild Area near Motostoke. Specifically, in the Motostoke Riverbank, just above North Lake Miloch. Cross over the bridge and head left right away, and TM39 will be sitting right behind the large pillar.

8 TM41: Helping Hand

Helping Hand is a move that is only useful in a Double Battle. However, it’s very useful for them. Helping Hand will boost the attack power of its attacking ally, which when comboed with the right Pokemon can lead to a one-hit knockout. It’s important to use Helping Hand carefully and on a fast Pokemon, as if the Pokemon faints before it can attack the move will wind up being useless.

TM41 is incredibly easy to find and obtain. All you need is 10,000 in the pocket and head over to the Pokemon Center at Western Motostoke and buy it from there.

7 TM94: False Swipe

False Swipe is one of the most useful moves outside of serious battles. It is the best move when it comes to catching Pokemon, as it won’t ever knock out a Pokemon. This means it will always leave the opposing Pokemon with 1 HP, leaving it at the perfect amount of health for catching. While the move itself is pretty weak, False Swipe’s tactical use is what makes it worth your while.

To get TM94, it’s incredibly easy. It can be purchased in the Western Motostoke Pokemon Center for 10,000.

6 TM09: Giga Impact

Giga Impact is one of the strongest Normal Type moves in the game when it comes to Power. It has a devastatingly high 150 power, with a solid 90% accuracy. The only downside to using Giga Impact is that the Pokemon that uses it won’t be able to attack the next turn. Having to recharge for a turn can be dangerous, but it won’t matter if you can knock out the opposing Pokemon before they have a chance to take advantage of it.

TM09 is located in the Pokemon Center at Wyndon and can be purchased for 50,000.

5 TM46: Weather Ball

Weather Ball is a fantastic move to use in conjunction with Pokemon that can set weather. Weather Ball is by default a Normal Type move with 50 base power. However, its power doubles to 100 if any Weather Condition is in effect. Weather Ball will also change the Type of itself depending on the Weather itself. Since its a Normal Type move by default, a lot of Pokemon can learn it and take advantage of their STAB boost if their Type matches the Type Weather Ball becomes.

To obtain TM46, travel over to Hammerlocke’s Pokemon Center and purchase it for 30,000.

4 TM20: Self-Destruct

Self-Destruct was at a point one of the most powerful moves in the entire series. While its fallen off in recent years, Self-Destruct is still a phenomenal move. With a great 100% accuracy, Self-Destruct has an insanely high base power of 200. The trade-off is that the Pokemon will faint after using it. However, it can be used when the Pokemon is about to faint anyways and can take out an opposing Pokemon with it.

To find TM20, head over to Wyndon, and enter the Battletower. Simply head all the way to the right and the woman there will sell it for 100,000.

3 TM01: Mega Kick

Mega Kick is one of the most basic Normal Type moves, however, it is also one of the best. It has a subpar accuracy of 75% and a rather low PP of 5. Despite all of this, Mega Kick has an incredible 120 base power. There’s no downside to using it either, so you can use Mega Kick back to back with no repercussions. Mega Kick is a move that all Normal Types appreciate since they can take advantage of their ability to use STAB.

TM01 is available for purchase for 40,000 in the Pokemon Center at the eastern end of Hammerlocke.

2 TM08: Hyper Beam

Hyper Beam is the best offensive Special move in the Normal Type catalog. It has a fantastic 90% accuracy, though a low PP of only 5. Hyper Beam delivers an incredible 150 base power, which can be more than enough to one-hit knock out plenty of opposing Pokemon. It does require its user to charge back up for a turn, losing one. This trade-off is generally more than worth it, as being able to take out a problem Pokemon is always good.

TM08 is a purchasable TM, and can be found in the Pokemon Center in front of Wyndon Stadium. All you need is 50,000 and you’ll be the proud owner of TM08.

1 TM25: Protect

If you’ve ever played the Doubles format of Pokemon then you’ll know that Protect is one of the best and most important moves in the entire game. Protect is a very simple move, which when successful will, as the name implies, protect the Pokemon from any attack. The more its used the less likely it is to work, however. Protect adds a layer of depth to Pokemon, and being able to use it to counter a potentially devastating attack.

TM25 is available in western Pokemon Center in Motostoke, where it can be purchased for 10,000.

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