Pokemon TCG Accidentally Reveals Scarlet & Violet’s First Terastallized Card

Despite different stories being told across various Pokemon media, there's always a synergy between them. The synergy between its newest games Scarlet & Violet and Pokemon's trading cards has leaked a little early this morning. A video showing the very first set to include cards from the new games was published and has since been removed, presumably so it can be officially revealed when intended later this week.

Despite The Pokemon Company acting pretty quickly to correct its mistake, the information and images are now already out there for the world to see. Published via Pokemon's Japanese YouTube channel, the highlight of the new set might well be the inclusion of the first-ever terastallized Pokemon card.

Arcanine has been given the honor of being the first Pokemon to get a terastallized card, although there may well be others shown off when the video is re-uploaded officially. There are naturally a number of gen nine Pokemon making their TCG debuts. Scarlet & Violet's starters all make appearances, and Smoliv and Lechonk have also been immortalized as Pokemon cards for the very first time.

Scarlet & Violet's professors also have their own cards in the new set, and of course, legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon have some pretty special-looking debut cards. The legendaries, Arcanine, and a few others cards in the set will be EX cards. That means they have a higher HP and stronger attacks than regular cards. No word yet on when the cards will be on sale. That information will hopefully be revealed later this week.

Despite Scarlet & Violet's difficult start to life, the games managed to sell more than ten million copies in their first three days. Nintendo has already apologized for the games' early issues and rolled out the first patch for them, fixing some of the highlighted problems. Players are also already looking ahead to what's next, pointing out why the next games should be inspired by Australia, and calling for Game Freak to include some of the Pokemon it seems to have forgotten exist.

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