Pokemon Unite Available For A Limited Time On Japanese eShop Accounts

Pokemon Unite is running a network test right now which means you can play the game early if you have a Japanese eShop account.

After first announcing the game more than a year ago, The Pokemon Company finally revealed when Pokemon Unite will launch this month. The MOBA-inspired Pokemon game arrives on Nintendo Switch in July and mobile later this year. However, you can actually play it right now for a limited time providing you can work your way past a couple of major caveats.

As revealed via the game’s Japanese Twitter account, a network test for Pokemon Unite is active right now and will come to an end on June 26, 2021. That means you can actually play Pokemon Unite right now. However, you need to have a Japanese Nintendo eShop account to access it, and since the test is only being run in Japan, the game is entirely in Japanese.

With no definitive date given for when Unite will be available on Swicth, odds are this network test is one of Pokemon’s last chances to iron out any final issues with the game. Since the launch date is simply July, Unite could be available on Switch as soon as next week, or there could still be a full month to wait. Odds are the launch date will fall somewhere between those two extremes.

Plenty has been revealed about Unite in the year-long build to its release. The release of that info has understandably ramped up in recent weeks. Not only has The Pokemon Company revealed launch months for the game on Switch and mobile, but it has also confirmed those who start the game on Switch next month will be able to transfer their progress between their console and their mobile come September.

Unite teams will be made up of five Pokemon, each bringing a particular set of skills to the game’s arena. Players will have 19 Pokemon to choose from at launch, all of which have been announced. Blastoise and Gardevoir will be the first additions to the roster at a later date, with The Pokemon Company hoping to have made more than 40 Pokemon playable by the time Unite’s roster is complete.

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