Premium Headphone Makers Partner With Xbox For High-End Peripherals

Microsoft has announced a partnership with premium audio peripheral manufacturer, Bang & Olufsen, to create high-end audio devices for the Xbox, and its upcoming Series X next-gen console.

The Danish electronics company announced the partnership on Twitter, with the statement only vaguely detailing plans to produce high-end audio equipment tuned specifically towards gaming. Bang & Olufsen has a long history of producing high-quality wireless headphones, earphones, and speakers, but hasn’t targeted gaming specifically until now.

Bang & Olufsen vice president and head of product management Christoffer Poulsen explained in a statement (via Windows Central) that the company sees an opportunity to leverage its experience in the area of audio equipment to service a growing, diverse range of gaming consumers.

“By entering the gaming industry, we want to do what we do best: delivering outstanding sound performance wrapped in astonishing design and solid craftmanship,” Poulsen said. “We see a big commercial potential within gaming, and in Xbox we believe we have found the ideal partner to realize that potential.”

It’s unclear yet if Bang & Olufsen’s products will only be compatible with Xbox consoles, or whether the Xbox branding will simply appear on peripherals with wide compatibility. Considering Microsoft’s push into PC gaming and the consolidation of exclusives across the two platforms, it stands to reason that they might not pursue proprietary hardware accessories like they did with the Xbox One.

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to launch this holiday season, but Bang & Olufsen have not indicated when to expect its audio solutions to hit shelves.

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