Prominent Mass Effect Modder Deletes All Of Her Work To Stop Others Copying It In Legendary Edition

The creator of a popular Mass Effect 3 mod which added much more content for Thane  has taken all of her work offline. On the blog for ThaneMOD updates, creator Giftfish announced an hiatus from the Mass Effect modding community, explaining that the mods were deleted over concerns that others would copy them in Legendary Edition without permission.

The issue stems from original trilogy mods not being able to be ported to Legendary Edition automatically. Instead, they have to be completely remade for the remastered versions. What concerns Giftfish however is that Nexusmods didn’t promise that her work would be protected from others – essentially, if someone completely remade one of her mods in Legendary Edition and released it publicly, Nexusmods may consider it original, and it would not require Giftfish’s permission.

On the blogpost, Giftfish explains, “Every Mass Effect mod author is left not only with uncertainty, but with fewer protections against infringement”. Speaking of the emotional impact, the modder further shares, “I love Mass Effect and I love modding. I love creating something that brings me joy and then sharing that joy with others. I’ve happily (and sometimes less happily) donated several thousands of hours of my time to this community since 2011…But this, for me, is just too much.”

Criticizing Nexusmods refusal to put blanket copyright protection on Mass Effect modders’ work, Giftfish says, “When a person spends dozens or hundreds or thousands of hours of their time creating something, their creative rights to their work should be respected – legally, ethically, and morally. This really should not even be in question.”

As well as ThaneMOD, the mods that are now offline include ME2 and ME3 Recalibrated, Textures for ME2, and Better Cabin Music.

However, not all in the Mass Effect community share Giftfish’s sentiments. On r/masseffect, one Redditor says “I am fully on Nexus’ side on this, you don’t own the files you modified to make your mod, if someone else goes in and modifies the same files you did they are not infringing on your rights in any way.” Another in the discussion thread adds, “You’re using BioWare’s work, you can’t make money off of it, exactly what rights are you supposed to have when making mods?”

At the time of writing, it doesn’t seem that any other modders are taking the action that Giftfish has.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition released May 14, and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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