PS Plus Premium Games Can Be Played Offline If You Verify Weekly

The rollout of PlayStation's new tiered PS Plus has begun and with it, we are learning new details about how exactly everything will work pretty quickly. Confirmation that trophy support for older games is a case-by-case situation that has been left up to individual developers, and also the prices of classic games that will be available through the PS Store individually. As for those of you who will be playing them through Extra or Premium, you will be able to enjoy them offline, but there's a catch.

As confirmed via the PlayStaton Blog (thanks, Push Square), games that are a part of the Premium and Extra catalogs you have downloaded can be played offline. However, you will need to log into PS Plus at least once a week to confirm you are still subscribed. “When playing a downloaded game from the game catalog in PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium/Deluxe plans, you’ll need to connect to PSN every seven days to validate your PlayStation Plus membership,” Sony explains.

That might seem like an annoying hoop to jump through for anyone who can't connect to the internet and validate their subscription for some reason, but it does make sense. If you were able to play games offline without confirming you still have an active PS Plus subscription, you could download everything you want on day one and then unsubscribe. That would mean Sony only gets one month of money from you, but you'd still benefit from its new library of games from current and classic consoles.

The same section on the PS blog does also confirm this rule doesn't apply to the monthly PS Plus games that will continue as normal post-rollout for all tiers, including Essential. While not mentioned, it also seems likely any of the select classic games being added to the PS Store can be accessed offline and won't need to be validated since you paid for them outright and therefore you won't have to prove you still have an active subscription.

More details about the new PS Plus continue to make it out into the world. The full list of games available in South Korea through the Extra and Premium tiers was revealed this week, giving people in other regions an idea of what to expect when the rollout continues around the world next month. A video breaking down the new visual options and save/rewind features for classic games was also posted on Monday.

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