PS5 Ad Teases Another Uncharted Game With A New Protagonist

Sony kicked off a big marketing push today with a 'Live From PS5' promo celebrating its games and a healthier supply of consoles for the year ahead. Featuring real-life exhibits and a commercial spot with news anchors handing off to correspondents as they report on the likes of Kratos and Atreus and Spider-Man, there was also a tease of something previously unseen.

On the PlayStation blog, Sony thanked gamers for their patience as it navigated "unprecedented demand for the PS5 console amid global challenges" – a reference to how hard it has been to procure a PS5 in the past two years. But things should be different now. "If you're looking to purchase a PS5 console, you should now have a much easier time finding one at retailers globally," Sony promised.

In the one minute commercial (see below) we see a news report "live" from Manhattan where Spider-Man is swinging through buildings. This is a promo for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 which should launch in the autumn this year. Then there are spots on Horizon, God of War, Final Fantasy 16, Ratcher & Clank, Returnal, and more titles such as Stray and Gran Turismo in a montage. But starting at 0:43 there's a brief glimpse of a scene from something unrecognisable that is currently out (via VGC).

Showing a young woman with a torch in a cave, she appears to approaching some kind of artifact. Wearing a backpack and looking unarmed, the clothes don't suggest Lara Croft, but another famous tomb raider. That of Nathan Drake and the Uncharted series. But it's clearly not Nathan Drake, so who could it be? Spoiler ahead for Uncharted 4.

In the final part of Uncharted 4, we skip ahead in time and find ourselves in control of Nathan and Elena's teenage daughter Cassie. She roves around their hourse and we pick up treasures and artifacts from previous adventures. So could this be Cassie? A tease of a new as-yet unannounced Uncharted which could have Cassie as a new protagonist?

Naughty Dog honcho Neil Druckmann has said Nathan Drake's story is done, but a younger generation would be there for a new narrative. Last week, Druckmann also claimed Naughty Dog has "moved on" from the Uncharted series but this doesn't mean another studio could take the reins on the series.

It's all very teasing especially considering the timing of it all. With Uncharted nabbing headlines because of Druckmann's comments and now this very Uncharted-looking spot in a new commercial. It's tantalising stuff and we'll be following this strand keenly if further Uncharted-shaped news does pop up.

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