PS5 Console Design Reveal Coming Soon; Still On Track For Holiday 2020 Release

As part of Sony’s announcement of the PlayStation 5’s new DualSense controller on Tuesday, the company also confirmed that the PS5 is still scheduled to release this holiday. There was no indication that the system would be delayed, but it’s a question some people have considered amid the COVID-19 crisis that is impacting the global economy, including game developers and Chinese manufacturing facilities.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan reaffirmed that the PS5 is on schedule to launch in Holiday 2020. He also added that Sony will reveal more details on the next-gen system, including the console design, “in the coming months.” That will not be at E3 2020, which Sony was already skipping prior to its full cancellation.

Ryan also teased that the PS5 has “many innovative features” that he believes will be “transformative” for the gaming industry. He did not reveal any of these, however.

As for the console design, Sony will reveal the PS5 after Microsoft showed off a very-different-looking form factor for the Xbox Series X. It looks like a small refrigerator, and there is a reason for that. It will be interesting to see if Sony keeps to a more traditional-looking design or if it also shakes things up.

Sony’s statement on the PS5 launch window being unchanged is similar to Microsoft, which has also said the Xbox Series X release this holiday remains on schedule despite the global crisis. PS5 pre-orders aren’t live yet, but retailers have begun allowing sign-ups to be notified once they are.

While Sony is confident the PS5 will release this year, the company has acknowledged that some first-party games might be delayed. Microsoft, too, has said its Xbox Series X game development teams are coming to terms with their new reality of working from home and understanding what that means for product timelines.

For more on the new DualSense controller for the PS5, check out GameSpot’s roundup of everything we know about it.

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