PS5 memes have begun: from the Eye of Sauron to duck face

The internet mockery of the PS5’s design has already begun, with fans comparing it to a router, a skyscraper, and Donald Duck’s beak.

It happened with the Xbox Series X and now it’s happening with the PlayStation 5, as the internet responds to the reveal of Sony’s new console in the only way it knows best, with memes.

Whereas the Xbox Series X’s stocky design saw it being compared to a fridge and a 2001 monolith, the PlayStation 5 is being mocked for being unusually tall and its peculiar two-tone design, which some have compared to a Wii dressed up as Batman.

It’s when the console is put on its side, which is probably how most people will have it if it’s under their TV, that attracted the most mockery though, with people claiming the design looks like a duck’s beak or someone doing a duck face with a pair of Pringles.

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