PS5 News: New PlayStation 5 details confirmed, Sony making big promise for PS4 successor

Naturally loading times will vary from game to game but as a late-gen title with incredible visuals and fully realised open world, Cerny’s demonstration proves that the PS5 can perform some fairly heavy lifting.

Just how well it can handle games developed specifically for the PlayStation 5 remains to be seen though the inclusion of an SSD is a crucial, necessary step forward for Sony and its console design.

Other system specs include an AMD Ryzen CPU with 8 cores, AMD Navi GPU, and SSD storage. Sony has yet to announce the price of its newest gaming system though experts and analysts predict something in the margin of $499.

As for when we’ll hear more about the PS5, we can say for sure. Sony pulled out of this year’s E3 show which would have likely been the time and place to reveal these details.

Instead, many speculate that Sony will host another of its Nintendo Direct-esque “State of Play” broadcasts in June.

  • PS5 – Sony PlayStation 5 Console

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