PS5 price news and release reveal: Mixed news for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft consoles

PS5 release date news is expected to follow in the wake of its rivals, confirming significant details about their upcoming video game services.

And this new information will no doubt help Sony shape their own PlayStation plans for pricing its new console and when to launch it.

Microsoft is expected to partially reveal their next console, which could include a rough release window.

The next Xbox is expected to hit shelves in 2020, and this might be the only information in that area we learn about today.

But we should hear more about key features and Microsoft’s own goals for their new console range.

Two Xbox consoles are expected to be announced, one offering better specs over the other.

This will mean two price points that will free Microsoft to offer something a little cheaper than the PS5.

We also learnt more about Google Stadia, and when that service will be launching.

The new streaming platform is set to begin in November but will launch first to those who decide to go down the premium route.

Again, this will affect PlayStation’s own plans for the PS5.

Will the company wait until October to announce their new PlayStation console, and will they decide they need more time before Stadia arrives?

And what happens if Microsoft reveals a surprise early release date for some of their next-gen plans?

Sony isn’t ready to answer these questions yet, but they are slowly sharing news about the PS5 with fans.

The latest update comes via a CNET interview with PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, who revealed that cross-generational saves would be a feature.

That’s great news for PS4 gamers, and Backwards Compatibility isn’t the only area of PlayStation that’s getting an upgrade.

Ryan also revealed that the PlayStation Now streaming service will be changing, although he didn’t share details on what this will include.

He told CNET: “The world’s changing very fast and in a very interesting way.

“We have a cloud gaming service right now, and we’ve added on it for a number of years. I think maybe we’ve been a bit guilty of not talking about it enough. Now we’re in 19 countries, we have 170 publishers on board, 780 games in the States.

“We’ve actually achieved a lot, and probably a lot more than people realise. And our intent is to build on those learnings and really look to try to take PlayStation Now to the next level later this year and then in the years to come.”

Industry analyst Mat Piscatella is hoping to hear more details on the price of the PS5 and Xbox Two soon.

And one of the reasons for this is how it will hit the current sales of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Piscatella gave more information on Twitter, posting: “I know everyone’s excited about next-gen at E3, I’m just hoping to see anything that’ll get me to believe we won’t see 25%+ hardware sales declines for the next 18 months.”

Adding: “Content is what best moves baseline demand, and this year’s slate is unlikely to match last’s.

“But who knows, all depends on the price, offerings and support. That’s what I’m hoping to hear more about this E3.”

So today’s Microsoft’s E3 showcase could help fill in more of the blanks on how the next generation of consoles arrive.

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