PUBG Mobile Season 8 LEAKS: Royale Pass news as Tencent begin new beta plans

The first details from PUBG Mobile Season 8 have started to surface online, ahead of any known release date.

Leaked news of new weapons and items from the Season 8 Royale Pass have been posted online, ahead of any announcement from Tencent.

This means that what we know so far must be taken with a big pinch of salt, as they may prove to be for something else.

The news has also been shared alongside an update on the next beta for PUBG Mobile.

According to fans, Tencent’s version 0.13.4 is being rolled out and is a big download for those hoping to join in.

According to the latest reports, the new PUBG Mobile update weighs in at around 2GB, making for a hefty addition to your Android or iOS device.

The good news is that if a new beta is going live this week, we can probably expect an update with the release of Season 8.

The current PUBG Mobile season is scheduled to end during mid-July, providing plenty of time for the beta to be tested out.

Fans are hoping for Season 8 to be announced for around July 17, as this would fit in well with the end of Season 7.

But until we have an official announcement from Tencent, most of this can be treated as speculation for now.

When it comes to new additions during PUBG Mobile Season 8, it appears fans can look forward to the release of a new weapon.

The PP-19 Bizon is apparently part of the new beta test, which can be customised with a sight and a muzzle.

There is also speculation over a map revamp but this doesn’t appear to be confirmed for the latest beta.

The Season 8 Royale Pass will be another big addition coming later this month and it looks to be Ocean-themed.

The new images surfacing online of the Royale Pass content, as well as new Ocean Treasure chests to pick up.

There appears to be a shrimp outfit, complete with hood and shorts, as well as Ocean Mariner mask and Swamp Horror skin.

The Elite Pass Plus will be back for Season 8 and comes with its own set of rewards listed in leaked patch notes.

As ever, anyone interested in joining the new PUBG Mobile beta should wait for an official link to be shared via social media by Tencent.

It’s unwise to download APK files from untrusted sources, opening yourself up to malware and other issues.

Other PUBG Mobile news this week includes the launch of the Star Challenge 2019, which offers fans the chance to vote for their favourite Mobile creator, as well as tune in for a summer of eSports action.

Fans are getting to choose who is part of the new event, as well as “who’ll be the most influential,” with each Google account able to vote twice for their favourite gaming creators.

And this is just the first phase of voting, with the second phase kicking off later in July and not ending until September.

Here’s more from Tencent, who confirmed in a new statement: “The PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge 2019 (PMSC 2019) brings together 32 YouTube gaming creators, 48 professional players, and millions of PUBG MOBILE fans from around world for an epic mobile esports competition this July – Sep 2019.

“Designed for maximum fan interaction, PMSC will feature exciting in-game challenges, fan voting, an exclusive YouTube video series, and a two-day Grand Finals in Taipei with a prize pool of USD $250,000.”

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