PUBG Mobile update 1.5: Tencent release date latest, Season 20 patch countdown

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Gamers have been busy over the past few weeks testing out the PUBG Mobile update 1.5.

Tencent has been encouraging gamers to download the beta version online, and recently revealed that pre-registration for update 1.5 had passed the 150 million player mark.

The incentive to do so is to earn a free permanent outfit as soon as the new update drops.

And those who have completed the process have confirmed that they will be getting the Galaxy Messenger Set as the reward.

A message from the PUBG team explains: “PUBG MOBILE 1.5: IGNITION Pre-Registration is available NOW!

“Claim one PERMANENT outfit as the new update drops by pre-registering! The event begins on 6/22 and ends on 7/5 (UTC+0) – so be sure to register ASAP.”

And as mentioned above, there has been a lot of interest in downloading the new PUBG Mobile experience via the beta trial.

This has been available for weeks and gives an early preview of what is being planned for the game in July.

From what has been shared so far, PUBG Mobile update 1.5 will include new Hyperlines for gamers to use as transport, an Anti-gravity motorcycle, which we assume will function much like normal ones, and the MG3 Gun.

The one big difference that gamers will instantly notice when riding the Anti-grav bike is that it won’t be limited by the terrain.

According to the latest reports, the Anti-Grav tech will make it possible to hover over water, which is bound to change a lot of strategies in the game.

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The MG3 Light Machine Gun is another new addition being made to the game and will be available to wield later this week.

Powered by 7.62mm Ammo, the MG3 will have two different firing modes, making it a bulky, but a multi-functioning piece of kit.


According to the latest reports, PUBG Mobile update 1.5 will be available to download on Tuesday, July 6.

As ever, it will be up to Tencent to announce exactly when the new patch is available to install on Android and iOS devices.

The Battlegrounds version of PUBG that is available to play in India is also expected to be updated at around the same time.

When it comes to a schedule, we would expect the PUBG Mobile update time to be set around 1am BST.

It should be noted that Tencent delivers its patches using a regional rollout system, meaning some gamers will have to wait longer than others.

Tencent is also expected to announce its plans for PUBG Mobile Season 20 this week, including the eventual release date.

This usually happens around five days after a successful patch release but it will be up to Tecent to provide that information.

More news will be shared via new patch notes, which are expected to be shared before the new update has gone live.

This will include new information on features like the Winning-Moment Photo Function, which makes it possible to snap what happened in the final moments of your match.

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