Pull Up Your H.R. Giger Counter And Watch 13 Minutes Of Scorn Xbox Series X Gameplay

Scorn just got a lengthy gameplay demo showing off every putrid nook and cranny of the upcoming first-person horror game from Ebb Software. Captured in beautiful 4K on Xbox Series X|S, the demo gives us a glimpse of what the game’s nightmarish creatures will look like on Microsoft’s next-gen console.

Check out the demo for yourself below.

Since Scorn’s announcement in 2016, details about how it would play were mostly left to the imagination. From a glance at the new trailer, it appears to be a slow-burn atmospheric shooter with an emphasis on exploration and light puzzle solving — both of which you’ll do while trudging in and out of fleshy orifices. Ebb Software insists that this is a narrative-driven venture into body-horror, though any plot or story details are pretty absent from the demo.

To say Scorn takes inspiration from artist H.R. Giger, best known for his work on the 1979 horror classic Alien, would be an understatement. The focus on cold, bio-mechanical aesthetics is right out of Giger’s playbook, especially with the hyper-sexual tinge to weapons, corridors, and enemies. However, Ebb Software equally tips its cap towards Zdzisław Beksiński, a surrealist painter known for dystopian imagery of death and decay. If the demo is anything to go by, the developers have certainly done both artists justice.

During Microsoft’s Xbox games showcase back in May, Scorn was one of the first titles announced as a next-gen console exclusive for the Xbox Series X|S and PC, forgoing not only the PS5, but the Xbox One as well. This is a bit surprising considering Microsoft’s commitment to cross-gen releases and support. Given how ridiculously gorgeous Scorn is, though, the decision to focus on next-gen and PC makes sense.

While there is no hard release date for Scorn, it’s tentatively coming in 2021 according to Ebb Software. Pre-orders aren’t available yet, but you can wishlist Scorn on Steam right now. The game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass when it launches sometime next year.

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