Raft: Tangaroa Walkthrough

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Tangaroa is Raft's best effort at recreating beloved TV show the Crystal Maze. A city of the future housed in a huge glass dome, this is by far the most civilized area you've covered so far. However, that doesn't mean it's without danger.

There is a subterranean maze, electrified water, and a huge risk of drowning – and that's all before you've even reached the streets above and discovered the deadly butler robots patrolling the avenues.

How To Get Into Tangaroa

When you start to near the coordinates on your receiver, you'll notice a rather ominous dome in the distance. This is what houses Tangaroa, a city built to survive the rising waters and seemingly a paradise for those who reside within. All isn't quite as it seems, however. This becomes very evident upon approach, as you'll notice zero signs of life in the giant bauble.

There are arrows painted along the base of the city, and following them in your raft will lead you to a dock. This is where you gain entry to the underground maze of Tangaroa. Once you get inside, you'll notice a signpost with various locations and their directions. Initially, you'll want to head left to the Storage Area, Generator, and Cafeteria.

Heading left, you'll eventually come to a set of stairs, and taking them down will lead you to a large cafeteria area. There are several large rats in this room, so make sure you're ready for a fight. Once you have dispatched the threat, head through the door at the back of the room to pick up the first generator part.

Go back into the cafeteria and out through the door marked 'Exit'. This leads you to another series of tunnels, so turn right and you'll find the second generator part in a dead-end. Head back the way you came.

Continue through the tunnels until you read a locked door; you won't be able to access this area just yet, so take the door behind leading to the storage area. You'll notice the third generator part close to the large storage containers. Pick up the planks near the generator part and climb up the ladder to the generator.

Once you're at the generator, you can repair it with the parts picked up so far. It will power on and enable the use of the crane controls opposite.

How To Complete The Crane Puzzle

The premise of this puzzle is to maneuver the containers so it gives you a clear path to the exit. Most of the containers are solid, but some are open, allowing you to pass through them. You'll know which ones can are open by the markings on top; the striped tape indicates the direction you can move through them.

Slide the containers around, so the tape has a direct line to the green sign on the right side of the room. Once you've managed to create a path for yourself, head through the door, and you'll be able to pick up the water pipe blueprint.

Take the ladder marked 'surface access'. Be wary that when you open the hatch above, the level below will completely flood. If you've earmarked any loot, make sure to pick it up now. Once you're set, open the hatch above the surface access ladder and let the water in.

You're no longer able to go back the way you came, so make your way through the newly opened door and follow the sign to the generator.

You will eventually come to a sign pointing towards the plantation, so head that way and up the ladder ahead.

Getting To The Street

You'll notice immediately that the floor in the plantation is electrified, and will damage you should you be unfortunate enoiugh to touch it. This can be avoided by using the planters as stepping stones.

The mission here is to find three pieces of tape to fix the electrical fault that's causing the exit door to be sealed shut.

There are a lot of plants here that can be harvested to create a fully functional farm on your raft. Take some time to cut down and collect everything.

The room to the immediate left contains two pieces of tape, while the room on the right has the last piece. Once all three pieces are in your inventory, head through the next door and use the tape on the device attached to the wall. The sealed door opens and allows you into the area with the surface access door. Follow the tunnel and make your way to the surface.

The Tangaroa Streets

This area is huge, so it may be worth taking some time to acquaint yourself with the streets to get an idea of where you're going to be headed. The first thing you'll want to do upon reaching the surface is turn around and open the emergency exit that's closest to your raft. This enables you to move freely in and out of the city, and it gives you an excellent opportunity right now to drop off any loot you may have acquired from your jaunt so far.

While Tangaroa isn't dense with enemies, you're still going to have to fight. Use this brief respite to craft some more weapons if you need to, and refill your food and water supply if needed.

You're going to be searching the nearby apartment blocks for more tape in order to repair the fault causing the electrified floor below. To access the apartments you will need a keycard; these are only dropped by the patrolling robots. Take care not to stay too close for too long as they do cause a fair amount of damage. Once disabled, you're able to loot the card from them.

Two Exterio Lane

Following the street signs, it should be fairly straightforward to find these apartment buildings. Make your way towards Exterio Lane and use your newly acquired keycard to open the front door.

Floor six has a piece of tape on the balcony and in the bathroom of the left-hand apartment, and floor eight has more tape in the kitchen.

On the balcony of floor eight, there is a zipline you're able to use to access a portion of the building opposite. Make your way around the outside of the building, taking care not to fall off, and onto the roof opposite where you'll find another piece of tape.

Make your way back down to the street and towards the next building.

One Memory Lane

Inside you'll find another elevator, this time with only one option. Take it up to floor eight.

The apartment on the right side has a piece of tape in the bedroom. The apartment on the left has a room that's sealed off by a lot of tape (not useful for your needs, for some reason). Cut through this with your machete, and you'll find another piece of tape. That's all for Memory Lane.

Two Rotary Road

Just the one piece of tape in this building. Take the elevator up to the fourth floor and collect the tape from the bookshelf. There is a taped door in this apartment, but it isn't vital to what you're trying to accomplish.

Three Rotary Road

The entrance to this apartment building is blocked with debris, so make your way around the side and through a small tunnel. Once inside, take the elevator up to the eighth floor. There are two pieces of tape inside this room for you to loot; one on a shelf and another sealed away behind a door, accessible with your machete.

You can climb out to the roof and across the zipline, but your only reward for doing so is regular loot.

Five Tranquil Street

Take the elevator to the eighth floor and cut open the apartment to the right. Inside, you'll find a piece of tape. The apartment opposite also houses a vital piece of tape to satiate your inner electrician. Once you've acquired the two pieces of tape you're free to head back down to the street level.

Eight Main Street

This building has more of an office setup than the previous apartments, but thankfully for you, offices still have tape.

Head around the back of the blocked front door and up to floor 14. You'll find four pieces of tape here, three are located in the conference rooms and one is sat on an office chair in the main area. On floor 12 there is a single piece of tape in one of the cubicles.

Nine Main Street

The last stop on this exhausting macguffin hunt. Floor 11 holds one piece of tape in the right-hand apartment, and floor 13 holds the very last piece of tape you need on top of the fridge.

Fixing The Electrified Floor

At this point, you have enough tape to avert even the most disastrous of events. Haul it back down underground and through the plantation.

Make your way through each room, making sure to repair the electrical box every time. Once you've gaffered the lot, you're able to head towards the elevator. The blueprint for the electric purifier is in this room also.

Once you get into the elevator, look up in the top right corner of the door. You'll notice a button that takes you to a secret room. It has a few crates of generalized loot and the elevator cassette, which allows you to listen to soothing elevator music on your raft if that's your thing.

Take the elevator up to the eighth floor of the apartment building; make your way through the rooms until you come to a balcony with a zipline attached to the building opposite. Zip across and take the stairs up as far as you can go.

You'll eventually come across another zipline, this time attached to the large blue tower in the centre of Tangaroa.

How To Launch The Emergency Bridge

Once inside the blue tower, climb the ladder and pick up the blueprint to make a large storage container. There is a note next to the blueprint that has some street names and then some symbols. This is the hint to a code you'll need to activate the launch in the next area.

Each shop in the note has a number above the door, these are the numbers you'll need in order to launch the emergency bridge.

Once you've paid all the shops on the list a visit and noted down their address, input the code and launch the bridge. It will cause a large portion of the tower to rocket into the sky and land in the ocean.

Make your way to the new landmark in the water and climb inside. In there you'll be able to unlock a new playable character by speaking to Elaine. Ensure you pick up the blueprint for the water tank and the coordinates for Varuna island.

At this point, you have everything you need to continue the story. There are, however, several vending machines in the centre of Tangaroa. Using the vending machine coins you've most likely discovered littered around the apartment buildings you're able to purchase various goods and decorations for your raft. Some, like the piano, are specific to this area, so it's worth scrounging enough to purchase them if you're not planning on coming back any time soon.

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