Rare HeroClix Prizes Up For Grabs At The Scott Porter Invitational: Heroclix for Huntington’s

Get your best squad of HeroClix ready, because community legend Scott Porter is having the event to end all events. From May 14-16, fans can take part in the Scott Porter Invitational: Heroclix for Huntington’s event weekend. There will be friendly games, themed games, and a big meta tournament featuring the best HeroClix players in the world.

Scott Porter is the premiere figure when it comes to revealing new HeroClix – he’s the one WizKids turns to when it’s time to unbox a new set of figures. (Sometimes we at TheGamer get to reveal new sets too.) He’s become a key voice in the fandom as a result, and now he’s using that platform to raise money for Huntington’s Disease. Every dollar raised from the Scott Porter Invitational will go to the The Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

In the announcement video, Porter explains the virtual events that will take place over the weekend. On Friday, there will be an auction aimed at collectors. Raffles throughout the weekend will give tons of prizes big and small. Saturday will host the actual Scott Porter Invitational, a series of battles “where theme is key and fun is king.” Sunday will focus things on the meta, providing a Modern Age tournament featuring the world’s top players.

When it comes to prizes, Porter says that the usual WizKids swag will be up for grabs, but that some very rare opportunities will also be present. Rewards teases include the ability to pick the next Legacy card and having yourself sculpted as a HeroClix figure.

The details, such as specific event times and how to take part, will be revealed over the next few weeks. Fans are asked to stay tuned to Porter’s social channels, as well as WizKids’ and Realms Open Championship, a pillar of the competitive HeroClix scene. Realms Open Championship already has the tournament buy-in and rules on its site. It looks like entry into a tournament will be $30, and battle royales will be $10. Porter himself might even show up as a player in the battle royales.

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