Red Dead Online: Best Pigeon Hunting Locations

Though you might think pigeons would flock to areas of the American West in droves, they are a far more elusive brand of wildlife in Red Dead Redemption 2. Killing pigeons doesn’t get you much except for a few feathers and gamey bird meat. Still, knowing where to hunt them out in a pinch could be useful, especially when they pop as a daily task in Red Dead Online.

There are two breeds of pigeons, the Band-tail and the Rock Pigeon. The Band-tailed Pigeon is found exclusively in West Elizabeth, while Rock Pigeons are more widespread throughout New Hanover and Lemoyne and come in a couple of various colors. “Widespread” is a relative term, of course. On the whole, pigeons can be found in only a few locations across the entire American West. So to give you the best chances, we’ve thrown together this tracking guide to pinpoint the best pigeon locations in RDR2 and RDO.

Best Pigeon Locations

West Elizabeth

While the compendium states that Band-tailed pigeons can be found in the forested regions of West Elizabeth, we’ve not been able to confirm any reoccurring habitats. Your best bet would be to head over to Bard’s Crossing bridging the Dakota River between West Elizabeth and New Hanover.

New Hanover

  • Bard’s Crossing is probably your best bet for finding pigeons reliably. Along with the possible Band-tailed Pigeon towards the West Elizabeth side, Rock Pigeons of multiple color variations have been spotted here.
  • You may also try scoping out the land east of Annesburg, up north in Roanoke Ridge. They are known to spawn near the shores of the Lanahechee River.


The pigeon population grows even more scarce in Lemoyne.

  • Your best chances are heading down to the Bayou Nwa into the city of Saint Denis. There you may find some pigeon loitering on the westernmost and easternmost docks at the harbor, located in the city’s southern district along the Lannahechee River.
  • If you’ve completely run out of ideas, you can try the marshlands south of Calliga Hall, but your luck won’t likely improve by venturing further west into the Scarlett Meadows.

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