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Red Dead Online can feel like a bit of a rat race at times. Everyone is hunting, selling moonshine, collecting bounties, killing each other, it never ends. Don’t you just wish there was a Role for people who enjoy the little things in life? Do you yearn to take in the sights, explore, dig into every nook and cranny?

All this and more awaits you in the Collector Role. Well, not more, actually, that’s pretty much all there is to it. But don’t despair, it’s a very relaxing and rewarding Role. This guide will tell you all you need to know about how to be the best Collector in the West.

How Do You Become A Collector?

To become a Collector, you first have to locate the traveling saleswoman and mystic, Madam Nazar. She wanders, so open up your map and look for a yellow icon, a circle with a thick X in it. Trot along to her and initiate a cutscene.

After, Madam Nazar will offer you a Collector’s bag for 15 gold. Don’t worry if you can’t cough up that much gold right now as you can buy it later, you’ll just have to find her again. You could scour far and wide for her, or you could just use this website to find her instantly.

What Does The Role Unlock?

Now that you’ve got the Collector’s bag, you can sell collectibles to Madam Nazar. You can collect them without the bag, so if you stumble across any beforehand, do pick them up. You also unlock some pretty handy abilities.

First, you’ll unlock divination, a skill that lets you know if you’re near to a collectible. This is ridiculously useful when you’re on the search, as it really helps narrow down your search area.

You can also buy a metal detector and shovel, two items necessary for digging up rare collectibles like fossils, arrowheads, and coins. You’ll also unlock a special pair of binoculars that will make these dig sites glow yellow when you look through them.

You get some nifty items, like with any Role, but the most useful is perhaps the horse lantern. Ever seen players riding around at night while illuminating the road in front of them? They’re high-level Collectors, so rank this Role up and never take a tumble down a dark hill again.

What Do You Actually Do?

Well, as it says on the tin, you collect. You can buy maps from Madam Nazar to help you find the general areas of some collectibles. You can also find tarot cards and antique alcohol bottles on looted NPCs, so this Role pairs very well with the Bounty Hunter Role, as that involves cutting down swathes of lootable enemies.

Be warned, however, that collectible locations change every day. There is a cycle to them, so if you remember seeing that old heirloom next to that cabinet, it will be there again a few days later.

How Do You Make Money?

You make money by selling collectibles and collections to Madam Nazar. If you need some quick cash, she’ll buy individual pieces off you, but as she’ll often mention, she pays more for full sets. This is definitely advisable as full sets go for quite a nice amount.

The most profitable by far is the coin set, which will net a whopping $540. The next best set is the rings, followed by the earrings, so prioritize fetching those.

How Do You Earn Experience?

You earn XP every time you pick up a collectible, which is pretty great. XP gains range from 100-150 and award equal amounts of both Collector and general XP. You also get some XP every time you sell a collectible but hold on until you can sell full sets as that will net the biggest XP gain.

Any Final Tips?

Hold on to your duplicate items! This can’t be stressed enough. Unless you’re desperate for quick cash, hold on to any duplicate collectibles so that once you sell a collection, you’ll already be part way to completing it again.

Sure, you could scour the world, looking under every single rock and in every chimney. You could buy maps from Madam Nazar and do this all completely legitimately. Or, you could cheat, like the outlaw you know you are. This website allows you to get all the collectibles in a single, large journey, and it updates with the new locations every day.

It is possible to hold ten of the same collectible in the standard Collector’s bag, so don’t be annoyed when you get duplicates or confuse them for glitched items. While you might not complete the set quite as soon, you will be close to completing the set multiple times over.

Be mindful of how many items are in each collection. Sure, the Pentacles tarot cards are worth a bit more than the bracelets, but there are 14 cards and only eight bracelets, so it’ll probably be more time saving to go for the smaller collection.

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