Red Dead Redemption 2’s first Christmas mode might be just around the corner

There could be another big update on the horizon for Red Dead Redemption 2 – and it could be related to Christmas.

Ahead of the holiday season arriving in the real world, Rockstar Games seems to be getting ready to add snow to the game and make everything in the Wild West that little bit more festive.

Newly unearthed data strings hidden in the game's code seem to tease that the entire map (or at least the vast majority of it) is about to be covered in white snow.

New files recently added to the PC version of the game have been mined and seem to reveal the incoming map-wide changes.

The new update adds strings for "world_snow_coverage_xmas" into the game data.

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Does that mean we can expect to see the new update change go live in the game soon? Possibly.

If we want a good estimate as to when this new update will go live, the best place we can look is at another Rockstar-developed game: GTA Online.

GTA Online hosts a holiday event called Festive Surprise every year, and if previous years are anything to go by, this year we can expect Festive Surprise to go live mid-to-late December.

By analysing past years, we can expect the update including the Christmas event in GTA Online to go live around Thursday, 19th December 2019 (Rockstar likes Thursday updates).

Red Dead updates tend to go live on Thursdays, too, so this seems like it'd line up nicely, right?

The latest Rockstar update for Red Dead Redemption 2 also notes that the next wave of big content will be announced relatively soon, with more information coming about a new Outlaw Pass (more or less a Season Pass for the game).

"Stay tuned for more news on the next Red Dead Online update soon, as well as details on the next Outlaw Pass, and head over to the Social Club Events page for details on all the latest special events, bonuses and discounts on offer," notes Rockstar on its newswire .

It would make sense for the company to tie that into a festive announcement – but nothing has been confrimed yet.

Expect a big update on the future of the game to land next week.

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