Resident Evil 3: How To Defeat Flamethrower Nemesis

From the original PlayStation release to its 2020 remake, Resident Evil 3 is defined by how it brings Raccoon City to life. While the PS1 release technically had more of Raccoon City to explore, the Resident Evil 3 remake reimagines the streets with an eye for level design and tension. Nemesis may not be as apparent as he was originally, but RE3 (2020) cuts the distance through its boss fights – arguably the greatest strength of the remake beyond the tight controls.

Resident Evil 3 doesn’t spawn Nemesis as a regular enemy until after Jill deals with the Drain Deimos. You’re able to fight Nemesis a number of times from here, but RE3’s first real confrontation with the Umbrella monstrosity doesn’t take place until roughly a third of the way through the story. While distracting Nemesis from the other survivors, Jill cuts through the Sewers and is forced to fight Nemesis head on. Flamethrower Nemesis is one of Resident Evil 3’s standout boss fights and a perfect representation of how dangerous Umbrella actually is.

4 Escaping Nemesis

After finally making it out of the Sewers and climbing her way towards freedom, Jill’s immediately grabbed by Nemesis and thrown into a chase for her life. This time around, Nemesis is equipped with a Flamethrower and is intent on cooking Jill alive. Quickly cut through the zombies up ahead into, but try to save ammo. Jill will close the gate behind her as she enters the Construction Yard, buying players enough time to enter the safe room.

Reorganize your Item Box and grab the Shotgun, but keep in mind that there’s still another safe room before the actual boss fight. Once Jill exits the room, Nemesis will enter the Construction Yard and start burning his way up the building. Hook up the stairs and shoot any zombies that get in your way, but don’t bother stopping to kill anything – Nemesis will just end up catching up to Jill.

Upon bypassing the zombies, the Construction Yard will transition to a partially scripted gameplay sequence. While it might look like Nemesis is gaining on Jill, this is just for dramatic effect. Keeping pushing forward and hit all the correct button prompts to reach a new safe room without so much as getting singed.

3 Inventory Prep

This is Jill’s only chance to ready her inventory before fighting Nemesis, so it’s important to grab everything you need. Any and all healing items should be slotted into Jill’s inventory, along with the Handgun, Shotgun, and Grenade Launcher. Pull out all your ammo and use any Explosive As to create Explosive Rounds. If you’re low on items, fret not, because the following goodies can be found in the boss arena:

  • 7 Explosive Rounds
  • 7 Shotgun Shells
  • 15 Handgun Bullets
  • 2 Green Herbs
  • 1 Red Herbs

Once you’re ready, head up to the rooftop to start the boss fight with Nemesis. If you’re low on items, make sure to raid the boss arena right away while Nemesis is still slow. Otherwise, jump straight into the action.

2 Taking Out The Flamethrower

First thing’s first, Jill needs to take out Nemesis’ flamethrower. During this portion of the fight, Nemesis will generally keep his distance and blast bursts of flame from far away at Jill. Make sure you’re never in range of the fire and don’t bother shooting Nemesis himself. Instead, aim for the tank on his back.

With enough shots, Nemesis’ flamethrower tank will burst and briefly stun him – allowing Jill to get some shots in. While Nemesis is downed, either fire a Grenade Round or a Shotgun blast into his face (but never more than one at a time). Nemesis will get back up and attack Jill, but repeat this process a few times and the tank on Nemesis’ back will eventually burst completely.

At this point, Nemesis will speed up considerably and start using his Flamethrower as a melee weapon. From here on out, Jill won’t be able to create any more distance since Nemesis will always be on your tail. You’ll need to dodge his attacks in order to get away from him and always be ready to fire away.

1 Defeating Nemesis

Defeating Nemesis at this point is easier said than done. With his speed buffed, Nemesis will now be able to dodge shots from Jill. As a result, it’s important you time your Grenade Round shots very carefully. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your ammo altogether. The fastest way to take Nemesis down is to keep on the offensive through Perfect Dodging.

With the right timing, Jill should be able to dodge past his melee strikes and get some critical hits into Nemesis’ body. If you’re running into trouble, try luring Nemesis towards one of the electrical generators for some easy damage. Swapping between the Shotgun and Grenade Launcher should eventually take Nemesis down – albeit not for good.

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