Resident Evil 3 Remake Puzzle Guide: How To Find All The Jewels To Unlock The Kite Bros Monument

One of the first puzzles in Resident Evil 3 Remake is also one you can easily overlook. The Kite Bros Railway Monument is found right at the exit of the Subway, and requires you to find three jewels scattered around the Racoon City Downtown. Though there are only three jewels, they can be tough to track down if you don’t know where to look–and if you wait too long and advance too far, you can get cut off from ever finishing the puzzle.

Getting all three jewels requires you to head to a couple of optional areas in Downtown. To get to all of them, you’ll also need the Lockpick and the Bolt Cutters, and you’ll likely have to avoid the Nemesis at the same time. Here’s everything you need to know to find the jewels for the Monument puzzle and get the goods.

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Where To Find The Three Jewels In Downtown Raccoon City

The three jewels you need to solve the Kite Bros Railway Monument puzzle aren’t obvious–in fact, each one is hidden in a special item called a Fancy Box, which you can only open by using the Examine option on your Inventory screen. Examining the boxes allows you to open them, revealing the jewels. You get reward for each one you place into the Monument, so it’s worth it to head back and visit the Subway each time you find one as you explore Downtown Raccoon City.

Donut Shop Safe Room – Red Jewel

The first jewel is easy to come by because it doesn’t require any special tools. Head into Moon’s Donut Shop and check the back room, past the counter and beside the padlocked locker. You’ll find the safe room there, along with the Fancy Box. Open it to get the red jewel; if you’re not keen on caring it around or using it on the Monument immediately, place it in the Item Box for quick access when you return to the Subway.

Inserting one jewel into the Monument puzzle gives you a hand grenade.

Grocery Store – Blue Jewel

To get the second jewel, you’ll need the Bolt Cutters, which you’ll find in the Garage once you’ve put out the fire in the alley. Use the Bolt Cutters to cut the chain off the doors of the grocery store, which is located across the street from the Toy Store. You’ll find the Fancy Box and the jewel right inside the door, sitting on the counter.

Adding the second jewel to the Monument Puzzle gets you the Tactical Shotgun upgrade.

Toy Store – Green Jewel

Your last jewel requires you to get the Lockpick from the Power Substation. If you complete the Substation and turn the power back on before you return for the last jewel, you’ll have to contend with the Nemesis chasing you while you retrieve it. Once you have the lockpick, use it to open the padlock on the Toy Store door. You’ll find the Fancy Box and the jewel just inside on the left, near the front window of the shop.

Placing the third jewel in the Monument Puzzle earns you a Hip Pouch.

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