Resident Evil 8 Village: All Labyrinth Puzzle And Ball Locations

In Resident Evil 8 Village there are dozens of treasures to find, puzzles to solve, and you are very likely to miss a fair few of them on your first run through the game. The Labyrinth Puzzles and their associated balls are just one of the hidden items you can find if you scrub through RE8.

The labyrinth puzzles are surprisingly important. No, you don’t need them in order to get specific key items or complete the game or anything like that, but the rewards they hold are incredibly worthwhile, and you’ll be able to sell the spoils to the Duke, allowing you to get more ammo, weapon upgrades, and much more. Pretty essential stuff, especially for a game that can be as challenging as this.

In this guide we’re going to break down all of the locations of labyrinth puzzles, and the balls you must combine with them in order to get the precious treasures they house. Some puzzles are simple enough to complete, while others have the labyrinth – or the paired ball – hidden away somewhere difficult to see. Not to worry, we’ll detail everything you need to know here.

Castle Labyrinth Puzzle And Flower Swords Ball Location

The first labyrinth puzzle you’re likely to come across is in Merchant’s Room in the Castle. The castle holds plenty of secrets, and you’ll find the labyrinth puzzle in this room next to the Duke. This is connected to the Hall of the Four, which is where you’ll be placing the four masks you are collecting throughout the castle. This is all next to the Main Hall and the Entrance, so the puzzle itself is easy to find.

The Flower Swords Ball you need to use with this labyrinth is much tougher to find. In order to get this ball, you will need to go into the Opera Hall. Go upstairs into the Opera Hall, and onto the West side of the room. Go to the end of the hallway here, and you’ll find the Flower Swords Ball in a small chest next to a basic enemy. Return it to the Merchant’s Room in order to complete this puzzle.

Garden Labyrinth Puzzle And Sun And Moon Ball Location

The next ball and puzzle can be located in the Garden area – though you may recognise it as a cemetery, as there are a lot of gravestones littered around the place. From the East of Beneviento’s Grave, take the path and stick to the North side. You will eventually come across a small building with a Well outside. Make sure to use the Well Wheel on the well, and inside the house you will be able to find a labyrinth puzzle waiting for you to complete it.

The puzzle ball isn’t too far away, luckily. Exit the building and return to the main path. Head back towards Beneviento’s Grave just a bit, and keep looking at the South wall. You will eventually find a small area, and on a grave in a circular area in the corner, you will find a small chest, containing the Sun And Moon Ball. Easy.

Windmill Labyrinth And Mermaid Ball Location

You will likely come across this labyrinth far before you manage to find the ball for it. As you head towards Salvatore Moreau’s swamp environment, you will come across a windmill far to the South of the Altar where the Duke sits, and around the side of the windmill you can find the labyrinth, but no ball in sight.

This ball is actually very close by, but you won’t be able to reach it until after you’ve dealt with Moreau. Go inside the windmill and be prepared for a big fight, in addition to a lot more. Once it’s all done though, you will actually find yourself on a cliff to the South of the labyrinth. You’ll need to drop down from the cliff to return, but before you drop, make sure to check the small shrines you pass by. One will contain a small treasure chest, inside which is the Mermaid Ball, which you can use with the nearby labyrinth.

Factory Labyrinth And Iron Horse Ball Location

This Factory labyrinth is a little bit trickier, and you can’t just immediately pick up the correct ball, and instead you need to craft it. In the Factory you will find yourself forced to use casting molds in order to create keys, and in order to get the Iron Horse Ball, you will need the Ball Mold. After exiting the Grinder Shaft, but before you move back into the Ventilation Duct, you will find a pushable cart in the same room as the map for the Factory Upper Levels. Push the cart, and you will find a crawlspace. Down here you will find some items, in addition to the Ball Mold, so don’t miss it. You will have several reasons to return to the casting machine with various molds, so I’ll assume you can find that by yourself.

From the Merchant’s elevator, go down to B4, and you’ll be able to find the labyrinth puzzle in the room opposite. Once you’ve actually managed to cast the Iron Horse Ball with the Ball Mold, this labyrinth is, luckily, pretty simply and straightforward. Nice.

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