Resident Evil 8 Village: All Well Locations And Their Contents

From playing the Resident Evil 8 Village demo and playing through the beginning of the game, you might have stumbled upon all the wells within the village already. You’ve been wondering how to get the item to use the wells and what could be inside them. Well, wonder no longer.

The wells inside the main village have loot and treasure inside them that will help you get more money and stock up on materials. Opening each well isn’t necessary, but if you want to make sure you’re as stocked up as possible, then it doesn’t hurt to get every single one.

Finding The Well Wheel

The only way to get the wheel that cranks up each well is to first complete Dimitrescu Castle. You have to have escaped the castle with your newfound keys and items. There is a section within the village that can only be unlocked with the Iron Insignia Key. The well wheel is behind this door. The Iron Insignia Key can only be found from your time inside Dimitrescu Castle. The key is found within a piano puzzle in the Opera Hall which can be reached from the Courtyard.

When you unlock the Iron Insignia door, the well wheel will be directly inside the house. Your current objective after defeating the Dimitrescu’s should be to find the house with the red chimney. This is also the way toward the red chimney. There is a ladder on the side of this house that you need to climb to get there.

West Workshop Well

Once you get the well wheel you can turn around and go back to where you found the M1911. This location on the map is between the areas West Old Town and Workshop. This well contains one lockpick. With this, you’ll be able to completely loot any leftover houses that are still in the red due to a lack of lockpicks.

Maiden Of War Well

This is the first well you’ve seen, at the center of the village nearest the Maiden Of War statue on the map. After completing Dimitrescu Castle, the house here beside this well will also be unlocked.

Inside the well contains one wooden animal head, the head of a wooden goat. If you’re not the type of person who immediately sells any treasure they find, you’ll be able to combine this item with another to create an even more valuable item that will sell for more. You’ll have to also have the wooden animal body and combine them both in your treasure inventory. This wooden animal body is found within the current house beside the well.

The Church Well

The next well location can be found behind the church. The church is where your village save location is, it’s entrance adjacent to the Dimitrescu Castle entrance. Inside this well is a Necklace With Two Holes. As you can guess, this too can be completed with another item. Combining this necklace with two blood ruby gems will turn it into a more valuable item to sell.

Elena’s Lonely Well

The last well is one you’ve passed many times before if you’ve played the demo as well. There’s a well behind Elena’s house, where you first find her and her father. This house is beyond the wheat field where there were first Lycans. Now, after completing the Dimitrescu Castle, there will be Samcas here instead. Samcas are the flying gargoyle-like creatures. Inside this well contains three pipe bombs.

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