Resident Evil Village: The First Things You Should Buy From The Duke

Resident Evil Village’s merchant, the Duke, sells all kinds of things. You’ll be able to purchase more ammo, gun upgrades, gun customization, extra inventory space, and more. Needless to say, you’ll want to scoop up everything you can afford in order to help you manage your gameplay strategy and prepare for boss fights — but which items should you pick up first?

Recipes To Craft Different Types Of Ammo

Ammo recipes are a must and should be foremost among your initial priorities. You’ll have found a shotgun during the Lycan attack at the beginning — but you can only loot or purchase shotgun shells until you buy the recipe to craft some yourself. During your time at Castle Dimitrescu, you’ll find a Sniper Rifle just lying around as well.

  • Sniper Ammo – 2 gunpowder, 1 rusted scrap, 1 chem fluid
  • Shotgun Ammo – 1 gun powder, 2 rusted scrap, 1 chem fluid

You’ll find and unlock more weapons throughout the game and it will be a serious disadvantage to not be able to craft ammo for these guns down the road. The ability to do so will let you acquire more ammo through crafting during crucial shortages.

Upgrades For Your Guns And Backpack

After stocking up and getting your recipes, you should probably customize your guns. The Duke will sell gun parts that you can immediately fit onto your weapons, provided you bought a customizable part for a gun you actually have.

  • Extra baggage – increases inventory space.
  • M1897 Hair Trigger – increases the rate of fire for the shotgun.
  • High Capacity Mag – increases the ammo capacity limit for the basic handgun.

Customizable gun parts will increase ammo capacity, reduce iron sight swaying, and more. They are an additional add-on to the gun upgrades you can get in the gun section of the Duke’s store. Buying extra inventory space will also benefit you in the long run. Even if you aren’t a hoarder, the more you craft, the more space you will need. You won’t be able to stock up before a big fight if your inventory is too small.

Recipes To Craft Different Types Of Bombs

Ammo recipes are, as mentioned, an absolute must — but so are bombs. It’s best to keep bombs for boss fights, mini-boss fights, or to just get through a large group of smaller enemies

  • Mines Recipe – 1 rusted scrap, 1 metal scrap
  • Pipe Bombs Recipe – 2 gunpowder, 1 rusted scrap, 1 chem fluid

Throughout the game, you’ll be able to find mines and pipe bombs from looting. These help you deal greater amounts of damage to one target or to wipe out several. If you rely solely on looting to get your bombs, then you’ll barely have enough to save for crucial moments. But if you buy the recipes to craft them, you’ll be able to do so on-demand.

Food Recipes

Don’t forget to eat! Once you finish the first portion of the game, Dimitrescu Castle, you’ll be able to craft food at the Duke. You find this out by slashing at some fish in the water while leaving the castle behind or by finding some chickens and showing them no mercy.

  • Herbed Fish – slightly increases health, for 4 fish and 1 meat.
  • Bird And Beast Pilaf – decreases damage taken when guarding, for 4 poultry and 1 meat.

Crafted meals at The Duke aren’t for healing but for permanent buffs. These meals will permanently upgrade your base health, make blocking more effective, and more. You’ll have to find more animals to harvest meat, but it’s well worth the effort. The two recipes listed above are the easiest ones to cook at first since they require easily obtainable meat in low quantities. Once you leave the Dimitrescu Castle and find meat for the first time, then find where the Duke is and the cooking option will unlock inside his store.

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