Resident Evil: Village’s Duke Is Friends With The Merchant From 4

“What’re ya buying?” the Duke bellows, letting out a hearty laugh, “Just something an old friend of mine used to say.” That old friend, of course, being Resident Evil 4’s Merchant.

Village is unabashedly inspired by the fourth Resident Evil game from its namesake to its locale to its more action-packed gunplay, and so of course, the entire prospect of an in-game shop has crawled back. However, it’s not our old pal the Merchant peddling RPGs capable of toppling bosses and meds to keep ol’ Leon going, although there was speculation that the gunslinging trafficker had gained a bit of weight in the interim.

Rather, it is a new character going by the Duke, and there’s not much we currently know about him. He’s a merchant by trade and sells an assortment of goodies for Ethan, although he doesn’t appear to have the same supernatural teleportation abilities or our favorite wholesaler, and no, I’m not talking about Todd Howard in Fallout 4.

It’s likely just a throwaway line to appease ol’ Resident Evil 4 fans out there – of which there are plenty – but still, perhaps we’ll get a little bit more of our favorite voice actor Paul Mercier and his antics. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard him cackle, “What’re ya selling?”

Of course, we’ll be able to hear him again in the Resident Evil 4 VR game. Or, at least, those of us who have an Oculus Quest 2 specifically will. However, it’s still 16 years old, so perhaps it’s high-time he returned, or just maybe, the Duke will become an icon in his own right. Village is certainly shaping up to have potential, continuing Capcom’s hot-streak after Resident Evil 7 and the two remakes.

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