Return To Monkey Island Announced

A new Monkey Island game has just been announced! The Secret of Monkey Island, helmed by series creator Ron Gilbert. He's been pretty vocal in his dislike of The Curse of and Escape From Monkey Island, so this entry is being advertised as the follow-up to Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

As well as a website, ReturnToMonkeyIsland, there's also an announcement trailer that reveals the game is being made in partnership between Gilbert's terrible toybox as well as Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm Games.

Gilbert did actually announce he was working on a new Monkey Island game, but that was on April 1, so everybody thought it was a joke. In typical Monkey Island fashion, it turns out it was a double bluff, and he actually is making the new game after all. Sneaky.

In the trailer, talking Skull Murray gets kicked into the sea, something that feels like a statement of intent from Gilbert. He's not a fan of the games he wasn't involved with and has said before that they don't exist in his Monkey Island universe.

This may be a signal that fans should accept Murray and other characters they love are gone, or it could show he was serious when he said he's not above cherry-picking the best bits from those games and adding them to his third and final installment.

We don't know much about this new game, other than it is coming sometime in 2022. We're still quite early on in the year, so it could be a fair way away, but hopefully we'll get more information soon. Now that we know it isn't a joke and it's actually coming, we can better prepare to finish the story that began over thirty years ago.

The titular secret of Monkey Island has not yet been revealed, but Gilbert has said in the past that he would spill the beans if he got to work on the third entry he had planned. Maybe we'll find out, or maybe we'll never know. We'll have to wait and play the game to find out.

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