Rick, Morty, And LeBron James Confirmed For MultiVersus At SDCC

The MultiVersus San Diego Comic-Con panel has revealed that Rick, Morty, and LeBron James are the next three fighters coming to the game, with LeBron James coming July 26, Morty coming August 26, and Rick arriving at some point during season one.

San Diego Comic-Con is currently ongoing and MultiVersus has its own panel full of "juicy reveals". TheGamer's own features editor Eric Switzer was in attendance at the panel and was able to confirm some of the big news that was shared during the showcase. The first big reveal made at the panel was that Rick, Morty, and LeBron James are the next three fighters coming to the game. Footage was then shown of LeBron James in action, who is seen using basketballs as part of his moveset that he can also pass to other players to provide buffs.

The panel also gave a release date for the three characters. LeBron James is the first that's going to be added to the game on July 26, while Morty and Rick weren't given a specific release date, but were confirmed to come at some point during the game's first season, which will start on August 9.

Anyone who's been paying attention to MultiVersus leaks over the past few months won't be surprised to hear any of this. Rick and LeBron James have leaked to be in the game from the very start, while Morty's moveset was recently discovered in the game, confirming that he's had a fair amount of work done on him so far.

Recent datamines have even been able to make Rick playable in the open beta of the game, showing that his full moveset has already been completed. The only thing missing from his character is his voice lines, which might be the reason why he's launching so much later despite clearly being finished. LeBron James, on the other hand, has had his voice lines in the game for some time now.

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