Roblox Game Creatures Of Sonaria Is Getting A TV Show

The list of adapted media projects based on video games continues to grow and grow as another project has been announced for the go ahead, this time centred on a hit Roblox game.

Deadline reports that Wind Sun Sky Entertainment (WSS) will be teaming up with Productivity Media to create an episodic scripted series based on Roblox game Creatures of Sonaria. Developed by Sonar Studios, Creatures of Sonaria features fantastical creatures in a stylised world with visuals that may bring to mind a slightly darker Genshin Impact, only focused on fantasy critters. Roblox features thousands of games, as users can create their own for the platform, but Creatures of Sonaria is one of the more professional offerings and has become one of its most popular.

Deadline specifically mentioned the recent success of HBO's The Last of Us for inspiring WSS for picking up the adaptation rights for Creatures of Sonaria. The HBO adaptation based on the games of Sony studio Naughty Dog has been a huge hit with audiences and has further resulted in a surge of sales for the video games on which the show is based.

The adapation of Creatures of Sonaria will be overseen by WSS CEO and executive producer Catherine Winder, who is a former Lucasfilm executive, alongside Jay Bennett, WSS' VP of Creative Franchise Strategy, according to Deadline. The Creatures of Sonaria game is published by Twin Atlas.

But it's not the only Roblox game getting the cross-media treatment. Wind Sun Sky is also signed on to adapt Twilight Daycare, a Roblox game in which you play as babies, toddlers, or caretakers.

"I am very excited to work with Catherine, Jay and the innovative team of storytellers at WSS to add narrative depth to our characters and in turn further engage and delight our fans in a whole new way," Twin Atlas CEO, and previous head of Sonar Studios, Samuel Garcia said.

Meanwhile, WSS' Catherine Winder said the company would continue to "extend into the kind of gamified storyworlds that global audiences and fans are looking for in the metaverse".

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