Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game: How To Beat Roxanne Richter

With three evil exes out of commission, Scott is almost halfway through his journey. Only four more bosses stand between Scott and Ramona’s blossoming romance. Next up is Roxanne Richter, the only ex-girlfriend in the League of Evil Exes.

This ex dates back to Ramona’s college days at The University of Carolina in the Sky, and she’s got a power kit as outlandish as her alma mater. This vindictive ninja serves as the final hurdle in World 4. As the longest world in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game, players would be advised to take some notes before aiming to take down this half-ninja.

Prep Work

World 4 is comprised of three distinct and lengthy areas. These areas are:

  • Transit
  • The Frying Tengu
  • Chengdu Gardens

Take these areas slowly, as a Game Over will send Scott and his friends back to the map. The second area in this section has a shop for those looking to replenish health or buff their characters. Keep an eye out for the red banner leading to World 4’s shop. The prices and boosts of The Frying Tengu are listed below:

  • Ramen- $5.95 (40 HP, 40 Guts, 2 Speed)
  • Udon- $5.95 (40 HP, 40 Guts, 2 Willpower)
  • Tempura Vegetables- $5.95 (40 HP, 40 Guts, 2 Defense)
  • Tempura Shrimps- $5.95 (40 HP, 40 Guts, 2 Strength)
  • Kushiyaki Moriawase- $14.95 (100 HP, 100 Guts, 3 Strength and 3 Defense)

A secret portal to Subspace lurks here, too. Look for a door with a star etched in it to reach an area with plenty of money.

Roxanne Richter: Phase One

Once players reach Ramona’s House, they’ll run into Roxanne Richter. Prepare to fight a speedy opponent with a wide array of attacks. Her unique moves are listed below:

  • Substitution
  • Sword Rush
  • Teleportation
  • Extended Blade Strike
  • Ninja Henchmen

Unlike the exes that came before her, Roxanne specializes in speed, using her sword’s superior range in conjunction with a deadly combo. Her basic attack is a Sword Rush that uses several successive strikes at point-blank range. Evade this technique as her weapon will break Scott’s guard.

Roxanne will dart around the map quickly, thanks to her Substitution and Teleportation capabilities. This move takes effect when Roxanne takes continuous damage. When she substitutes, a log will take her place. Get ready to block, as she’ll reappear behind Scott ready to strike.

No matter where Scott is on the screen, Roxanne can reach him thanks to her Extended Blade Strike. Don’t linger at mid to long-range, as it prompts this attack. Stay airborne, use hops, dodge rolls, and midair attack to retaliate.

Keep tabs on the Ninja Henchmen that funnel in during the fight, taking out those who impede progress. Take care not to divert too much attention away from Roxanne, as she’ll punish players who ignore her.

Roxanne Richter: Final Phase

After players push Roxanne to her final phase, she’ll gain several new abilities that will ramp up the difficulty:

  • Clones
  • Multiple Substitutions
  • Ninja Allies

Roxanne will begin to create Clones capable of dealing damage to Scott and his friends at this point in the fight. Treat them like any other enemy and attack. Several successful attacks will weaken make them vanish.

The clones that are still standing can enact Multiple Substitutions in unison with Roxanne, culminating in the Clone Substitution Attack. To avoid this, take out her copies as quickly as possible.

Make sure to deal with the Added Ninja Allies throughout the last phase of this encounter, as they can quickly overwhelm Scott.

Roxanne will flash yellow with shorter intervals as she gets closer to a KO. Find her among her doppelgangers and finish off the troublesome half-ninja. With this, Scott has taken down four of the seven evil exes.

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