See Early Dev Footage Of Wraith: The Oblivion VR The Upload Showcase

Well, the surprise may have gone live a little earlier than intended, but we still have some new goodness to share on Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife.

Fast Travel Games will debut exclusive early development footage of its next title at the Showcase on June 16th (starting 9am PT). We have to stress this will be a very early sneak peek; the full gameplay trailer isn’t set to debut until August.

Wraith is the first VR game set in the World of Darkness universe and, as the name suggests, focuses on the Wraith faction. Fast Travel is promising a full-on horror game akin to Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Alien: Isolation.

Wraith is just one of over 25 games joining us for the Showcase this Tuesday. We’ll be celebrating with new game reveals, brand new trailers and a heck of a lot more. You won’t want to miss it.

Let’s take a look at what else you can expect.

  • An update on The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
  • Your latest look at Low-Fi
  • The Panther VR release date
  • The reveal of social VR experience Play Bunker
  • An exclusive look at Area Man Lives
  • Cloudhead Games outlines Pistol Whip’s 2020 Roadmap
  • A new look at Traffic Jams
  • The first gameplay of Resolution Games’ Blaston
  • New gameplay from Cosmophobia
  • The first gameplay of Solaris: Offworld Combat
  • A new trailer for Vertigo Remastered
  • A fresh look at Lonn

So we’ll see you back here on June 16th. Don’t forget we’ll have a pre-show kicking off at 8:30am PT with more to show!

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