Shooting Penguins In Overwatch 2’s New Map Loses You Ultimate Points

Overwatch 2's third season kicked off this week, adding an all-new map to its Control mode. Some players fell over themselves when they discovered that map will have living, breathing penguins on it, and for those who don't care about the wellbeing of the game's new feathered friends, don't try killing them or it'll lose you Ultimate Points.

That's right, if you decide to fire off a few rounds at a nearby penguin because you're a sick individual, or maybe you're just bored, you will be punished for it. Highlighted by knockknockow on TikTok, if you shoot a penguin on Overwatch's new Antarctic Peninsula map, not only will the seabird remain unharmed, but your Ultimate Charge will begin to empty.

The charge appears to drop in increments of either four or eight, presumably linked to where on the penguin you hit. While that might be bad news for those who wanted to mess with Overwatch 2's new penguins, the good news is not only can the birds not be killed, but they don't even seem to be able to feel the bullets that are presumably bouncing off of them in the clip below.

Antarctic Peninsula will be the first new Control map added to Overwatch 2 since it launched, marking an important next step for the sequel this season. Not only because it's the first 5v5 map added to the new game, but also because it has effectively taken the place of a new character announcement. While season three has a new map, seasons one and two both introduced new characters, something this new season will seemingly not have.

Some people will ignore this warning and go ahead and shoot the penguins anyway. Hurting video game penguins that haven't wronged us has been a gaming pillar since we all decided dropping the baby bird off the mountain in Super Mario 64 was a funny thing to do. Back to Overwatch, and the game is getting its very own dating sim, Loverwatch, to celebrate Valentine's Day. No penguins included.

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