Silent Hill Film Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

What began as Konami’s seminal horror video game series evolved into a transmedia property, lending itself to carve a unique, dream-like sub-genre in the film industry. Christophe Gans’ 2006 adaptation has undoubtedly built a cult following, triggering various spin-offs in its wake and still holding up 15 years later.

The gaming industry is busy celebrating other milestones for some big franchises, including Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda. Therefore, it’s refreshing to see the spotlight turn to the misty setting of Silent Hill’s titular town, where Radha Mitchell’s Rose enters the eerie expanse in search of her missing adopted daughter, Sharon. Sean Bean is also on hand as Rose’s husband Christopher, who breaks his tradition of on-screen deaths which, in itself, is a noteworthy trait of the adaptation. Inspired by the events of the 1999 game, the 2006 feature carried its lore and legacy onto the silver screen, and with rumors of a new game on the horizon, there could be a fresh wave of films in the future too.

The Silent Hill film is no masterpiece, staying on brand with the lengthy library of mediocre video-game-to-film adaptations, but it captures the heavy eeriness and nightmarish visuals introduced in the game and amplifies it for the big screen. Fans of Konami’s franchise took no issue with its weighty exposition, but instead invested in its ability to showcase the terrifying horde of nurses and the iconic Pyramid Head with great effect. The film branch moved into the B movie genre after the release of its sequels, however, it’s the original we’re here to celebrate and perhaps it’s time to pay old Pyramid Head a visit with some popcorn.

The aforementioned wave of new Silent Hill films may be arriving quicker than we thought, as it was reported in February that Gans had returned to the franchise. Working alongside the Resident Evil directors, Gans’ new premise will allegedly focus on a small, religious town, where source material such as “The Order” could be featured.

In addition to igniting a series of successors, the debut of Silent Hill also inspired fans to produce their own shorts based on the franchise. Silent Hill: Road of Guilt is a fan short from the minds of co-directors Leigh Thorne and Ruben Abreu, and it is due to premiere in tandem with the 20th anniversary of Konami’s Silent Hill 2.

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