Skater XL Players Can Now Explore Embarcadero Plaza

Skater XL is heading to the sweet, sweet, streets of San Francisco for the game’s new Embarcadero Plaza level. And, it’s free.

This map is a testament to the Bay Area financial park, and the location itself is celebrated by skaters around the world. It is home to the Gonz Gap that has confused budding tricksters for decades, the Vallaincourt Fountain, red bricks, long stair steps, and the C Block ledges. These may sound familiar if you’re a big fan of the genre as its unique structures are featured in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. 

The area was very popular during the 1990s during “the baggy pants/small wheels era,” as the X Games puts it. The Gonz gap in Embarcadero Plaza is actually named after master skater Mark Gonzales, the first person to cross the gap who proved that he could do the impossible.

On the in-game Mod Browser, you can download the map of this historic landmark in skateboarding history on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam for free. The developer Easy Day Studios said it has kept the plaza true to its 90’s roots but has tweaked it to enhance the gameplay within Skater XL.

On top of this new skating area, Easy Day has also dropped some special gear from real-life brand FTC (For the City), who, according to the press release, “has kept the Bay Area skate scene thriving, hosting local events and sponsoring many skateboard legends.” This cosmetic pack featuring the colors of the FTC logo is also available in the Mod Browser.

Just like skateboarding in reality, the difficulty curve is steep within Skater XL, according to our review. However, if you really put in the time, the game might be worth it. “As frustrating as it would become – be it from my own boneheaded joystick miscue or from the overt touchiness of the controls (seriously, shuvits and ollies would randomly happen far more often than I would have liked) – once I hit the perfect line, it was all worth it,” Sam Watanuki said in his coverage.

If you want to hop on the board, Skater XL is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam for $39.99 both physically (except PC) and digitally. The game will soon have competition from the likes of EA is the Skate series is returning in the future from a new studio called Full Circle.

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