Skyrim Player Discovers It’s Possible To Play Tag With A Dragon

It’s kind of amazing to think that after 12 years people are still discovering new things in Skyrim. It’s also amazing to think that two in-game mechanics could interact where the Dragonborn would wind up playing tag with a dragon, but that’s exactly what happened to Reddit user BiShyAndWantingToDie.

"I was playing tag with a kid, when a dragon attacked. So.. now I guess I'm playing tag with the dragon," the Skyrim player wrote in their post with over 4,000 upvotes. "Didn't even know this was possible."

The three images BiShyAndWantingToDie posted show that the dragon didn’t really live long enough to make it a good game of tab. In fact, it was an interrupted game of tag that initially started with a villager’s kid, only to be rudely interrupted by an invading dragon. The Dragonborn seems to have easily dispatched the dragon, but not before bestowing the soon-to-be corpse with the official "it" status.

Having succumbed to the Dragonborn’s giant ax, the dragon remained "it" even after it was already deceased, making it a particularly easy game of tag. After a few minutes, the quest ended, leaving BiShyAndWantingToDie the winner.

Many responses in the comments can’t get over the fact this seems to be a newly-discovered game interaction, although it might also just be a bug. Either way, playing tag with a dragon seems like something to aspire to on your next Skyrim playthrough.

Speaking of your next Skyrim playthrough, someone has finally created a mod that lets the Dragonborn vault ledges, squeeze through tight spaces, and hoist themselves up and over high walls. The mod adds a short "proof of concept" quest that showcases all the new animations in action, or you can just watch the trailer. This seems absolutely perfect for the stealthy bow-using assassin build that we all inevitably gravitate towards.

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