Small Art Streamer Banned For Drawing Alinity

A small art streamer who goes by the name of “Jongrim” on Twitch has been banned following his live-drawing of Alinity with her dog, Luna. It references a recent controversial clip of Alinity attempting a headstand on stream and is paired with Luna’s uncomfortable interference with the pose. The drawing is intentionally provocative with Jongrim playing up the inappropriate nature of the contact between the two.

Jongrim announced his 7-day ban from Twitch via his Twitter account, gaining a large amount of traction once the post went viral on the “Livestream Fail” subreddit. Interestingly enough, the author of the drawing fully admits his guilt, believing that his actions warrant the suspension.

It is, however, a backhanded admission of guilt. In the Tweet, he writes, “just wish Twitch held everyone to the same rules” – heavily implying his opinion that Alinity should have been banned over the incident. Jongrim isn’t alone in the matter, as many Twitter users and Redditors have echoed similar sentiments.

Although it is easy to wonder about double standards, Jongrim was likely held accountable for his actions simply due to the explicitly sexual nature of his drawing. In Alinity’s case, the incident could easily be argued as an uncomfortable accident – and by her account, it was. Many commentators agree that the ban was perfectly reasonable.

This has not stopped the internet from jumping in on the fun, however. Others have taken part in similar parodies of the situation, most notably Twitch streamer “AmericanDad.” On his Twitter account, AmericanDad posted a hilarious sketch aimed at Twitch’s poor handling of bans across the platform. Contained in the sketch is a comedic portrayal of Alinity doing yoga with her dog.

Trainwrecks also joked about the dog needing to gather a legal team to defend itself over the ordeal, throwing his hat in the ring as well.

Although many are searching for some sort of criticism of Twitch throughout this ordeal, the whole Alinity situation is more of a meme over anything else. Alinity deserved the bad rapport she got from tossing her cat (and feeding it vodka in the past), but this time around the internet is just riffing on the trope that Alinity is terrible with her pets.

Sources: Twitter, Reddit

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