Smite Season 8 Trailer Shows Cthulhu Fighting Zeus, Introduces Tiamat And Gilgamesh

Smite is a game that likes to go back in time. Way back, like ancient Greece, Chinese folklore, and Egyptian pantheon. But Season 8 is going to take Smite back even further to the dawn of the written word. The very first gods will be represented in Dawn of Babylon, with the trailer revealing both Gilgamesh and Tiamat joining Smite’s ranks.

The trailer starts off pretty standard for Smite, with Cthulu and Zeus duking it out for whatever reason, but then Cthulu gets absolutely ejected from the scene by Tiamat, the Goddess of Salt and Sea.

Some might recall the name Tiamat from Dungeons & Dragons, but Smite is going with a much older interpretation of the dragon goddess. Instead of five heads representing each of the chromatic dragons, Tiamat of ancient Babylon is the primordial goddess of chaos featuring a serpentine body of shifting colors and designs. She’s considered all-powerful and, along with the god Aspu, one of the creators of the world.

She’s also got a bit of a temper and a lot of very sharp teeth.

Zeus doesn’t seem tempted by Tiamat’s offer, which is just as well since Gilgamesh shows up with his flaming sword soon after. Gilgamesh was actually part of ancient Mesopotamian mythology, predating Babylon, and is considered the world’s earliest known hero thanks to the Sumerian Poem, the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh likely got started as an ancient king but was later deified for being a really cool dude. Which in the case of ancient Mesopotamia, mostly meant being really strong and having a really awesome beard.

Gilgamesh’s story culminates in him trying to achieve immortality but never ultimately reaching his goal. Apparently, he figured something out since he’s a god in Smite fighting against Tiamat now.

Smite Season 8 – Dawn of Babylon starts later this month with the arrival of Gilgamesh, and Tiamat will hit servers sometime in February.

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