SNK Gals’ Fighters Brings More Neo Geo Pocket Titles To The Switch

During its celebration stream for the Neo Geo hardware yesterday, SNK revealed that SNK Gals’ Fighters would be getting a re-release in the very imminent future. How imminent? Try yesterday on the eShop! That’s right: you can currently buy this Neo Geo Pocket game on the Nintendo Switch for a cool $8.

It’s curious for being the second Neo Geo Pocket title that the company has ported. Pre-orders for Samurai Shodown on Switch included the portable version of Samurai Shodown! 2 along with it. Only available through that reservation campaign, it seems SNK is looking to bring even more of its portable catalog to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Many might not know what Gals’ Fighters is, but it released in 2000 on SNK’s ill-fated handheld. Basically a cute version of its King of Fighters series, the game was a fun little brawler to take on the go. It’s not exactly complex, but it’s hardly a throwaway gimmick, either.

You could say that 2018’s SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy was something of a spiritual successor to this game. It feature a much more complex and varied roster, but the idea is the same. Put SNK’s female combatants against each other to become the queen of fighting.

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