Somebody Made A Montage Of Alinity’s Dog Being Inappropriate And It’s Weird

Alinity has done it again, drawing a large amount of uncomfortable attention to her Twitch channel while attempting a headstand. During a particularly unfortunate pose leading into the headstand, Alinity’s dog Luna approached her from behind and …invaded her privacy.

The clip stirred up a good amount of controversy, many accusing the streamer of allowing the dog to intrude for a little too long. Of course, the internet being as weird as it is, someone decided to go through Alinity’s channel and compile every clip they could find of her dog creating awkward situations – and it’s a lot.

The original situation occurred last week, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from overreacting to it. As embarrassing as it is, Alinity hasn’t shied away from commenting on the blown-out-of-proportion situation. The streamer claimed that people have gone to far with attempting to get her banned over the clip. She elaborated on the situation, claiming she had been trying to do a headstand for weeks. “Yoga’s a big part of what I like to do guys and I love yoga… and I like to share that with the stream… I wanna show people what I have accomplished in yoga so far.”

Alinity definitely seemed less at fault this time around, but this situation is already being used as another example of Twitch’s love for the streamer, who is now nearing 1 million followers on the platform. Whether or not Twitch has an affinity for its successful female partners has been a big talking point lately, and people are jumping at any opportunity to criticize Twitch for how it handles suspensions.

Needless to say, Trainwrecks’ “squadW” crew was all over the topic – always appearing when they feel there are double standards at play on Twitch – drawing out some controversial jokes from the streamer himself (warning, strong language).

Even Ninja jumped into the fray – dodging the dog situation entirely – yet still comically targeting both Alinity and Twitch during TimTheTatman’s stream.

This time around Alinity seems to have gotten unlucky – it can be hard to tell what the internet will obsess over next. However, she seems to do herself no favors regarding the handling of her pets; For everyone’s sake, hopefully Alinity puts Luna in a different room the next time she attempts a headstand.

Source: Reddit, Twitch

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