Someone Remade PT In Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode

Someone has recreated PT in Halo Infinite's Forge mode.

Halo Infinite has had a bit of a rocky time since its initial launch, but if there's one thing that fans are still holding out hope for, it's Forge. Thanks to some datamining, some players have already gained access to the mode and have been using it over the past few months to create some pretty interesting things.

One of the most interesting creations was shared by YouTuber Death Templer earlier today – a full recreation of Hideo Kojima's PT in Halo Infinite. Death Templer's video shows Master Chief starting out in the basement area of the map, which even includes the table that the bloody bag sits on and berates you from, before moving into the first iconic hallway.

Master Chief then walks through the hallway, which even seems to be the same approximate length of the one seen in PT, before coming across the table on the left with the ringing phone. Although certain elements obviously can't be recreated in Forge without the right items, it's impressive just how much this looks the same area in PT.

The video ends with Master Chief reaching the last door, which usually causes a loop in PT, before heading back the way he came to end up back in the basement. Although neither Lisa or the bathroom are included in the Forge version of PT, a creepy noise resembling them can be heard throughout the video, so it might just be best to use your imagination.

This brief look at Forge shows just how detailed it is and why it's taken so long for 343 to release it. If players can use the mode to almost perfectly recreate a horror game, there's no telling what else we'll see from the mode in the future.

Funnily enough, this isn't the only PT remake to have come out this week, as someone also decided to recreate the level in Dreams.

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