Sonic Anniversary Concert Has No Sonic Music, Fans Hit Back

It's a tradition at this point: if Sonic fans get a good thing, then a bad thing isn't far off. For every Sonic Mania, there's a Sonic Forces. For every Sonic Generations, a Sonic Lost World… so on and so on.

This week, the curse continues. Following the success of the Sonic Anniversary Symphony earlier this year, it looks like Sega dropped the ball with its latest music celebration. In perhaps one of the company's most bizarre moves, Steve Aoki's Sonic concert contained absolutely no Sonic music, despite being given no indication that would be the case.

"I feel like I should be forgiven for assuming that a Sonic concert would have some Sonic music in it", says one of the top comments on the YouTube video. "This feels like a fever dream in all the worst ways. How they could go from the outstanding 30th anniversary Symphony to whatever this is meant to be is beyond me", reads another.

The concert, which was held to celebrate both Sonic and Aoki's birthday, is being received even more poorly over on Twitter. Fans are criticizing Sega for partnering with Steve Aoki in the first place, considering his support of NFTs.

The only Sonic themed aspect to the concert – the visuals – isn't going down much better. "This was pretty pathetic compared to the symphony", says Twitter user @JayArby2. "This was just Steve doing a set in front of a green screen for nearly an hour while SFM models dance terribly around him".

Cementing the event as a PR mess, it's even caused a small spat between Sonic fans and Eggman's voice actor, Mike Pollock. He sarcastically commented that we "can't appreciate someone's work or let them enjoy their birthday if we disagree with their opinions", which many fans have taken issue with. Pollock has replied to many disgruntled replies, as he is criticized for not taking a stance on the practice associated with environmental damage, scams, and art theft.

Well… happy birthday Steve Aoki. You probably shouldn't check the comments – they're making fun of your daft ape NFT profile pic.

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