Sonic Frontiers: Ares Island Guardians Guide

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  • Titan Wyvern (First Battle)
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If Kronos Island was a warm-up in Sonic Frontiers, then Ares Island is your first glimpse of more complicated Guardians. From towering Striders to destructive Tanks, the red-and-black bosses of the desert won't be beaten with simple combos. Each has a specific strategy that's required to expose their weaknesses, and you'll need to master all of them to claim their Portal Gears!

We've scouted the locations of all eight Guardians on Ares Island (two of each) and found the easiest ways to bring them down. With them out of the way, you'll have to deal with the Ares Titan, Wyvern, who you can always see hovering menacingly in the sky.


  • Ahead and to the left of the island's starting point, near Knuckles' Cyber Cage.
  • East of the Stage 2-5 Portal.

Wait for Strider to deploy circular grind rails to ground level, but don’t touch them while they’re glowing red. Once the rails have cooled off, start riding on any that you can reach. It will turn blue as Sonic passes over it. Once a loop is entirely blue, it will boost Sonic to the next one. Repeat this process until you reach the rails encircling Strider’s main body.

Ride all three concentric rails until they’re blue. Unlike the previous rails, these won't start to change color until Sonic passes over one of the blue checkpoints, so be patient. Strider will deploy bursts of energy to try and disrupt you; pay attention to which rails are electrified and change lanes as needed.

After completing a rail, try waiting for Strider to fire another energy burst. It will target the rail you’re currently on, allowing you to immediately change to a different one and continue grinding in peace.

After Strider’s health is down halfway, there will be more energy balls to watch out for while riding rails. They’ll also change lanes to try and catch you, so be on your guard! Once you've freed Knuckles and learned Cyclone Kick, it's a great way to quickly reduce Strider's health and maybe even defeat the Guardian in one combo!


  • South of the Stage 2-1 Portal.
  • East of the Stage 2-4 Portal.

Wait for Shark to leap out of the sand, then target their tail with a Homing Attack. Sonic will grab on. Follow the quick-time events that follow; note that you need to have the input pressed at the moment the timer runs out, rather than hitting it as quickly as possible, so just tilt the stick and wait for the success to register.

After several inputs, you’ll be able to target Shark’s head with a Homing Attack. This will stun the Guardian, letting you follow up with a combo. Repeat this process until the boss is defeated.


  • Northwest of Stage 2-4.
  • Midway between the White and Yellow Emerald Vaults.

At the beginning of the fight, Tank whips up a sandstorm. You’ll float in the air around the Guardian, occasionally getting targets for Homing Attack while avoiding projectiles.

When Tank starts to spin, you have an opportunity to hit them repeatedly, but you have to time your attacks correctly or else you’ll hit the flames on the side.

If you can get a rhythm going during Tank’s spinning fire attack (roughly one Homing Attack every half-second), you can hit him as you pass each quadrant. This lets you get Phantom Rush right when the boss falls, maximizing your damage potential.

After you’ve done enough damage to Tank in the sandstorm, you’ll have an opportunity to pummel them on the ground. This is where most of your damage will come from, and afterward the sandstorm will kick up again. Repeat the process until you win.


  • Inside the western canyon leading to the northern half of the map.
  • On top of the plateau east of the Yellow Emerald Vault.

When you approach Sumo, an electrical barrier will appear, trapping you in the arena with the boss. The barriers only deal damage if electricity is running through them; otherwise, you can bounce off of them with a Homing Attack!

Being careful to avoid the boss's fists, use Cyloop to cause Sumo to swell up; when that happens, bounce off of the Guardian with a Homing Attack. You’ll charge up a spin attack from the barriers of the arena. Aim with the left stick so that you’ll hit Sumo, then press the attack button when you’re ready. After the ensuing combo, Sumo will bounce around the arena. Stay out of their way until they hit an electrified barrier, taking heavy damage. Repeat the process until the fight is won.

Titan Wyvern (First Battle)

The first battle with the Titan occurs after recovering your first Chaos Emerald on Ares Island (usually the Blue Chaos Emerald, since it's closest to the start). During this chase sequence, you can mostly ignore the incoming missiles as long as you keep moving. The real danger are the spikes that start to appear about midway through the course. Follow the rings and boosters as you see them, and they’ll keep you on a safe path.

Titan Wyvern (Second Battle)

Once you’ve completed Knuckle’s quest chain, you’ll be able to pass through the ruins in the canyon to reach Wyvern’s lair. If you need to stock up on rings, use the platform in the middle of the lake to climb to a platform with dozens.

When you're ready, climb the tower at the far side of the lair. At the top, stand on the extended platform and wait for Wyvern to attack. When the Titan passes by, you can use Homing Attack to grab onto one of their spikes and catch a ride.

After the cutscene, use Homing Attack again to hit the bars in the air and land on the red trail. This segment is similar to your battles with Squid back on Kronos Island; change lanes to avoid fireballs while catching up to Wyvern.

Occasionally, the trail will end, forcing you to use Homing Attack to reach the next section. Keep up the chase until Sonic automatically leaps to Wyvern’s head, where you can collect the Black Chaos Emerald and transform into Super Sonic.

How To Beat Wyvern As Super Sonic

In the second phase of the fight, you’ll be able to pick up rings in the air as you chase Wyvern, letting you stave off the drain on your power. Boost after Wyvern until the Titan fires missiles at you; parry any of them to slow Wyvern down, letting you reach their head.

When Wyvern swings their claws at you, parry that attack as well. This will stun the boss, letting you start a combo. Keep attacking until Wyvern roars – at that point, parry once more and counter to deal massive damage.

When Wyvern reaches half health, they will start firing energy rings into the air. These are easy to dodge but can’t be parried. Continue fighting as you did before, but beware – Wyvern will start making two melee attacks in rapid succession. After parrying the first, quickly release and re-press the dodge buttons to set up a second parry; otherwise, Wyvern will swat you away, forcing you to start the sequence over!

At one-quarter health, Wyvern will fire a swarm of missiles at Sonic. This triggers a quick-time event. Press the attack button when the white and red circles line up to counter the attack and continue the fight. You’ll see this quick-time event again when the time comes to strike the final blow, as well as a few button-mashing challenges. Once these are complete, Wyvern will fall and you can progress to the next island!

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