Sonic Frontiers Is Already Being Streamed And Pirated Before Launch

Sonic Frontiers is speeding off shelves, but it shouldn't be. The street date is being broken by some retailers which has led to it streaming ahead of launch on Twitch, while a pirated Switch version has already been cracked.

The ROM was ripped and shared online, which along with early sales means that spoilers are rampant – be careful on social media for the next week (thanks, NintendoLife). Sega is trying to keep up to speed with the leaks, already shutting down streams, but not all are going down straight away.

While some have been closed in mere minutes, others have managed to stay live for up to an hour, streaming unseen footage and gameplay. There's no word from Sega or Sonic's social channels, but if you want to keep spoilers a Blue Blur before playing, you'd best avoid Twitch streams and comment sections for now.

On the plus side, there is some spoiler-less Sonic Frontiers build-up that you can tune into if you're itching to dive into this new, open world. Sega has revealed an anime short all about Knuckles that sets up the game, showing the echidna guarding the Master Emerald on Angel Island.

There's also a prologue comic about Dr Eggman, featuring Sonic and his friends venturing to Starfall Islands to stop him. We see Eggman at his home base on Kronos Island, first of the Starfall Islands, piloting mechs from his decked-out office. The comic ends with a little teaser, saying that the story will "be continued in Sonic Frontiers! Available November 8 on Consoles and PC."

It's available a little early for some, but there's only a week to wait before you can check it out as well.

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