Sonic Frontiers Mod Fixes Elder Koco’s Leveling Speed

Everything you do in Sonic Frontiers is done quickly. Whether it be zipping about on rails, solving one of the game's many challenges, or climbing up a tall tower, everything is done with that sense of speed that we expect from the blue blur. That's why when most players want to level up certain stats, they dread a visit to Elder Koco.

In a cruel twist of irony, upgrading Sonic's speed stat is far too slow of a process. You have to gather up as many Kocos as you can find and then bring them back to the Elder Koco, who will then allow you to choose whether you want to upgrade your speed or ring capacity. Unlike the chad Hermit Koco who takes all of your collectibles from you at once and levels you up several times straight away, the Elder Koco levels you up one level at a time, making you go through the same dialogue every time.

Considering speed and ring capacity both go up to level 99, that's a whole lot of waiting around if you want to hit max level like the game's achievements/trophies task you with doing. Instead of doing that, a modder called WasifBoomz decided enough is enough and has created a mod which drastically increases the speed in which Elder Koco will level you up. With the mod installed, you can quickly level up your speed/ring capacity, and be on your merry way. If you wish to download it, you can find it on GameBanana here.

While you're on the hunt for some quality-of-life improvements for Frontiers, another GameBanana user recently uploaded an "Improved Physics" mod which gives Sonic much more momentum in the Cyber Space levels. For example, one improvement this mod implements is that Sonic no longer loses his speed when he boosts in the air.

If you're looking for a more entertaining mod to download, you can also check these alternate skins which users have been uploading, allowing you to play as previous versions of Sonic from games like Adventure and '06.

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