Sonic Frontiers Players Are Using The Cyloop To Draw Willies And Among Us

Sonic Frontiers gives us the tools to draw whatever we want, which in hindsight, probably wasn't a good idea. It's like quizzing the internet on what to call your next energy drink, only to get answers like "Gushing Granny" – that's a real thing, look it up. Only in Sonic's case, people are drawing dicks to get cock rings and making Among Us characters.

That's right, you can earn cock rings in Sonic Frontiers. Technically, at least. Sonic can't wear them or anything. When you draw something with the Cyloop, it either launches enemies into the air like they've been hit by a giant in Skyrim, or it gives you a bunch of those iconic rings, so if you draw a cock, you get cock rings. Simple, eh?

It's not all dicks and willies, though, some people are drawing boobs to make a quick buck in rings. Others are failing to draw cock and balls and ending up with an infinity symbol. As it turns out, that gives you an infinite boost. How's that old saying go, One Man's Failed Cock Is Another Man's Infinite Boost? Anyway, it's probably not the way Sega hoped we would stumble on it.

Moving away from the very mature discussions of wieners and tits, some Sonic Frontiers players are using the Cycloop feature to try and draw some unique and detailed designs that are a little less juvenile. It does have the potential to let people tap into their artistic side with the challenge of having to complete their work in one go without breaking. We can see as much below, where one person tried to draw Sonic himself. While it didn't end too well, it had a promising start.

Speaking of high art, and I mean high art, there are countless Among Us drawings. Some are slightly too long, some fold in on themselves, and others… are perfect. Like Twitch streamer AntDude who managed to conjure up a crewmate in the desert.

Everyone, from our own writers (read: Josh Coulson), to Twitch streamers, to the average Twitter Joe, is making cocks, balls, and Amogus art in Sonic. If it leaves any kind of legacy, let it be that it sparked an internet wave of blue wieners.

And if you're sick of hearing about wieners, you can always boot up the game yourself and try to draw something a little less crass. But where's the fun in that?

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