Sonic Prime Season 2 Is Coming Later This Year

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has confirmed that Sonic Prime will be getting a second season "later this year", and it'll seemingly feature a bit more of Shadow this time around.

Considering the frankly dire way that Netflix has been handling its animated shows over the past few months (actually, better make that all shows), fans of the Blue Blur have been curious whether Sonic Prime would be getting another season, especially as its first was left pretty open-ended.

Well, wonder no more as the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has confirmed that a second season of the show is coming later in 2023. The tweet announcing the news said, "Get ready to sink into more Sonic Prime, coming your way later this year", while also sharing a first look at what's to come.

It seems that we'll be getting a lot more of Shadow the Hedgehog in the second season, as he's seen holding Sonic underwater in the image shared on Twitter. Shadow is also holding the shoe-and-glove changing device that Nine gave Sonic in the first alternate dimension he visited, implying that we might see Shadow use it and come along for the adventure. Not that he needs it with his air shoes.

Beyond the first look and confirmation that a second season is coming, we don't know much else about Sonic Prime Season 2 yet. The first season had a cliffhanger of an ending and reunited Sonic and Shadow inside the Shatterverse. Presumably, the second season will focus more on their relationship and see them adventuring together.

In TheGamer's review of Season 1 of Sonic Prime, Deputy News Lead and Sonic simp Rhiannon Bevan said that it was "fun, impressive in areas, and completely inoffensive", but noted that it wasn't pushing the series forward like the movies have been. Here's hoping that Season 2 manages to do that.

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