Sonic the Hedgehog Makes His VTuber Debut

Sonic the Hedgehog is the internet’s boyfriend of the video game industry, and as such he has gone ahead and made his debut as a VTuber.

Sonic’s official Japanese Twitter account posted a small clip Thursday giving fans a first look at the 2D version of the Blue Blur speaking to his viewers, he greeting them with a smile as he says his signature “Hey guys!” before thanking everyone for celebrating his 30th anniversary yesterday. Sega made plans to turn Sonic into a VTuber as part of his big milestone anniversary, and it acted fast to make it happen.

For those who are in the dark, a VTuber (short for virtual YouTuber) is a type of content creator who streams using a 3D model instead of showing their actual face to protect their privacy. VTubers can take the form of an anime character, like Mori Calliope did while streaming Persona 3, or cute animals of all kinds. Sega, always doing what Ninten-don’t, added Sonic to the mix so that he could communicate with fans in real-time.

Since the video is from Japan, Jun’ichi Kanemaru, who has been a constant voice actor for Sonic since Sonic Adventure, voiced the adorable Blue Blur just for the occasion. VTubing hasn’t picked up steam in the West yet, let alone in the U.S., so it makes sense for Sega of Japan to give us the sneak peek of Sonic the VTuber at the speed of sound.

Becoming a VTuber is just one of many plans Sega has for Sonic’s 30th anniversary, including a Sonic the Hedgehog theme park.

The Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony was played specially for Sonic’s big day yesterday, and it featured a host of speed-tastic orchestral renditions of the best music in the Sonic series. Even Crush 40 joined the fray and belted out “Open Your Heart,” “Sonic Heroes,” “Green Light Ride,” and surprisingly “I Am… All of Me” from Shadow the Hedgehog.

I was expecting Sonic to look more like his 3D self in his debut as a VTuber, so seeing him in 2D kinda freaked me out. That’s saying something, considering how much I wish to talk to him in real life, never mind through a virtual livestream. It makes me wonder how Sonic’s VTubing venture will play out stateside.

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